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March 1, 2017

7 Places For Seeing Dolphins And Playing With Them!

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Dolphins are absolutely marvellous marine animals – we should learn compassion and love from them! And it is also true that dolphins fascinate humans – both adults and children! We become happy even if what we get is a mere glance. While there are quite a few destinations where you can get a glance (Goa or Oman), wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could also swim with them? Well you definitely can! These 7 International destinations give you a chance to swim with dolphins.

#1 Canary Islands, Spain

You can look at and swim with the dolphins to your heart’s desire in the south-west coast of Tenerife Sea. It’s a protected area and you’ll definitely remember the experience!

#2 Lampedusa Island, Italy

You can think of it as a mini marine sanctuary – you’ll find dolphins, whales and sea turtles! Go and you are bound to have an awesome experience!

#3 Funchal, Portugese

You cannot miss this place if you really want to see dolphins – they almost touch you!

#4 Viareggio, Italy

Pelagos Sanctuary is located over here which houses over 130 dolphins. You have to sail with the catamaran cruise to see them – there’ll be scientists too. Think about all the cool new stuff you’ll learn!

#5 Monterrey, Mexico

It is one of the best places for swimming with dolphins, so make sure you visit it. If you are lucky, you might even get a glimpse of a blue whale!

#6 Marsa Alam, Egypt

It is THE spot to be at if you want to see dolphins. You will have to go to the limit of the reef to see them but if you are lucky they might come to you at the shore!

#7 French Polynesia

You’ll easily spot dolphins jumping off the horizon here and you might just be lucky to have close encounter with friendly dolphins who approach the coast and play with humans!

Featured Image Source: www.activewild.com

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