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June 10, 2016

7 Nail Paints You Must Own Before Semester Starts

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Most of us our fascinated with makeup. We wait for school to end to apply eyeliner or paint our nails. If you love to paint your nails then these 7 nail paint shades must be always there in your makeup kit. Some of these nail paints serve as base coat while some serve as top coat. However, we do recommend that always buy nail paints of good brands and apply clear coat to get everlasting look.

In no particular order, HookedUpon brings you 7 nail paint shades you must own.

#7 A Bold Red

Red is the most versatile color among all. It looks very bold and classic on any skin type. A strong red color is always in season like any other pastel color. Red is a very edgy, glamorous and professional color. For a perfect red color try OPI’s Big Apple Red.

#6 White

It gives a modern and polished look. During winter and summer months this color goes quite well giving a clean and bright look.

#5 Nude

There are times when you want to go for a clean look. Nude or neutral shades are best for such look. You could either opt for light pink or light brown shade – it depends on your skintone and nails.

#4 Glitter

Glitters nail paints are there to add that oomph factor. Don’t use them on regular basis but when you are planning to go for a party. Maybelline Colour Show Glitter Nail Enamel will give put a shiny effect along with a rough texture.

Advice: Glitter nail polishes are hard to remove. Follow these instructions to remove them easily.

#3 Navy

Navy color is in fashion these days and looks extremely professional. We recommend you try Lakme Absolute, Blue Royale nail paint.

#2 Pink

Pink is a sweet color and is perfect for vacations. You could either opt for light/pastel pink shade or vibrant shade. Just make sure that the shade doesn’t darken your skin tone. Oriflame’s Pure Colour Nail Polish – Intense Pink is a perfect pink color to try.

#1 Metallic

Metallic nail paints are like glitter nail paints. They add that additional oomph, however, gold, silver or bronze colors go very well with LBD and statement jewelry.

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