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March 19, 2016

7 Must Subscribe YouTube Channels From Around the World

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must subscribe YouTube channels: PewDiePie

We all know that when it comes to procrastinating over the internet there’s no better place than YouTube. As one of the web’s most popular video sharing platform, it has a plethora of videos of all kinds from various YouTubers. They could be a wide array ranging anywhere from wonderful to weird. So how to even decide which video to play and which to subscribe? Well, we are to your rescue and give you a list of 7 must subscribe YouTube channels (At least before the doomsday) so that all that procrastination is worth the time.

#1 TED Talk

Most of you might be aware of TED Talks; those who aren’t TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It consists of a conference series with at least thousands of TED talks and it is surely one of the must subscribe YouTube channels. Speakers featuring in TED Talks are from diverse backgrounds who give a speech of nearly 18 minutes delivering a message of all that they have learned in life so far. Now, that the videos are available online on YouTube, we highly recommend watching it. The reason lies in its mission which is to inspire, challenge, and be thought to fiddle and, at other times, to evoke awe and wonder amongst the viewers. TED Talks have impacted millions of lives all across the world in highly positive manner. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to TED Talks, get motivated and chase your rainbow. Get started with these 10 videos that Nikita recommends.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: TED Talks YouTube


#2 ASAPScience

To all the science freaks out there if you haven’t come across this YouTube channel you are definitely missing out on your daily dose of awesome science. AsapSCIENCE answers to the world’s weirdest questions, rumors that have prevailed since a long time now and unexplained phenomena. Colorful clear diagrams, animations, and parodies – Yes, that’s how they explain science concepts. They believe that “We want to explain the science behind the coolest things we learned in school, to talk about concepts that really resonate with people”

Well, all we can say is that the formula is definitely working. Check out the amazing work of ASAPscience and follow them as it is one of the must subscribe YouTube channels.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: ASAPScience


#3 Pewdiepie

You haven’t had your daily dose of YouTube if you haven’t watched a video of the most popular YouTuber of the planet. With 40 million subscribers and over 10 billion views, Pewdiepie rules YouTube dethroning all popular channels. Pewdiepie’s easy mastery of skills has made his channel enter in the top list of must subscribe YouTube channels. His genuine friendly nature, references from his daily life and hilarious videos would definitely make you instantly fall in love with him.

We bet the little Pewdiepie things would take over you like you can’t help but get addicted to Pewdiepieeeeeeee!! (Like the way he says at the end of his videos) and would use Brofist to great your friends.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: PewDiePie

#4 Bart Baker

Tired of listening to your favorite song, again and again, a thousand times over? How about listening to a completely hilarious new version of it? That’s where Bart Baker comes in. With more than a million subscribers and at least 500 million views, Bart Baker is undoubtedly the parody king of YouTube. He’s known for his hilariously witty parodies which have been appreciated as well as criticized. He has crafted some amazing parodies of artists who are always seen on the top of charts like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Sia etc.

Know to spare none, all we can say is that pop stars be warned Bart Baker is here. And there is no moving back as she is in the top lists of must subscribe YouTube channels.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: Bart Baker

#5 IISuperwomanII

“Waddup, this is your girl Superwoman” if you recognize this line you probably have already seen a video of the YouTube’s sensation Lilly Singh a.k.a ||Superwoman||. No, she isn’t a superhero that flies around, but she’s a like just another girl from your block and can make your mood fly high with happiness with her amazing videos. Lilly Singh is one of the Best Female YouTubers. Her videos are extremely hilarious, random and dramatized exaggerations of topics that are not bound by geographical or cultural contexts would surely win your hearts.

So, whenever you are in desperate need of a good laugh, then Superwoman’s videos are bound to cheer you up.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: IISuperWomanII

#6 Smosh

Smosh is a YouTube channel made by a duo named Ian and Anthony who regularly makes videos together which they upload on their website and on their YouTube channel. Smosh delivers a lot of pretty funny jokes here and there, including some self-deprecation, witty satire, surprisingly dark humor and really bizarre and surreal comical elements. Being one of the most popular YouTube channels, we definitely recommend Smosh. And we bet that in no time its videos pace their way to your favorites.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: Smosh


#7 TheEllenShow

After 13 successful amazing seasons of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen is now on YouTube and is making millions of people laugh with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. With million of followers; TheEllenShow is gaining rapid popularity. It is the only TV show to have gained popularity to this extent on YouTube. The YouTube channel has clippings from its show which are a delight to watch. We are sure that you’d love the Ellen presence on YouTube.

Must Subscribe YouTube Channels: Ellen

So, the next time you feel like you have nothing to do or if you are in a mood for some procrastination… remember you have a list of must subscribe YouTube channels to check out. Happy YouTubing.

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