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August 27, 2017

7 Must-Have Hindi & Urdu Bands for All Music-lovers!

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Bored of having the same playlist for a while now?

And of listening to the same artists?

Also done with the monotony of Bollywood, are you?

Well, don’t you worry! There is hope left for better music and for you too my dear!

Here are those seven saviours you need to listen to right now and trust me they will restore your trust in music

From the lyrics, to the music, to the creativity, to the charm. They have it all! These bands will make you go to the extent that you would soon want to have a band of your own !


Indian Folk/ Fusion is their genre. They believe in creating but with retaining the essence and the roots intact!


Their fame from the Splitzvilla song ‘Aahatein’ has made them a favourite. Agnee is a known name for the Indian youth. This band generally deals with Classic Rock with hints of Jazz and Carnatic Music. The fire they have in their name is what their passion reflects too!

#3 JAL:

If India has a ‘Agnee’, Pakistan has a ‘Jal’. Other than being one of the most famous Pakistani bands, Jal is a band that is famous for its Pop Rock music.

If you love Atif Aslam, you would want to know about this band to find out the connection 😉


Indian Rock is their thing and Rahul Ram their face! The band is also known for its jazz fusion and fusion music. The next time you see a concert with no place to step in, it could be Indian Ocean on the stage people!


‘Rock music scene’ is what they have evolved and that has evolved with them. This band of four has won the hearts of people not just with their music but with their honest approach towards things they do and also because of what they are!


Another rock band but not like any other! They have awards that prove to the world what they are and beyond that they have their music. Go ahead, click the play button and see for yourself.


Parvaaz is a Bangalore-based rock band that has established itself with its music albums and performances across the country. Being a relatively new band, it has come a long way!

It’s said, “Where words leave off, music begins.”
And here is where I leave you with this lovely quote. Begin your musical journey my friend! :)

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