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June 3, 2016

7 Must Have Lipstick Shades For Every College Girl

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Must have Lipstick Shade for every college girl

Lipsticks are a must have for every woman, from the woman who loves to dress up to the one who hates to wear makeup. Lip colours help define a woman’s personalities, add vibrancy to her image and highlight her facial features all at the same time. Even those who like to keep it simple can opt for just a lip colour to complete their look. Here are 7 must have lipstick shades which should be a part of every college girl’s essentials:

#1 Red

A glossy bright red lipstick is a woman’s best friend. Perfect to go with any dark colored dress, be it western or traditional, Cherry Red 45 from Elle 18’s Colour Pop series comes at an unbelievably low price of Rs. 120 but is smooth and long lasting.


Red Lipstick


#2 Orange

Orange is the shade for summer. A light orange lipstick can never fail with light shaded summer outfits. Alternatively a formal peach colored dress would also be perfect. Lotus’ ‘O’ orange is worth your collection!

Lotus Orange Lipstick


#3 Pink

Pink is the eternal shade of lipstick which every woman should own. From light satin to hot pink, matte or glossy, there is a shade which will suit every woman perfectly. Maybelline’s Burst of Coral adds a vibrant color to your lips and keeps them moist for a long time. It is a tad bit costly, but one lipstick will last for months.

Maybelline Pink


#4 Peach

The fact that peach lip colours suit only those who have a fair complexion is quite a misconception. Peach lipsticks in fact go very well with casuals and are the best choice for college girls. Subtle and elegant at the same time, this is a must have lipstick shade for college going girls. Maybelline’s Peach Personality is the perfect one for regular use.

Maybelline Peach Personality


#5 Nude

Nude lipsticks are perfect to team with any formal wear. Elle 18’s Coffee Cream is budget-friendly but is great. It is a bit brownish in shade and is the perfect shade for Indian skin tones.

Nude Lipstick


#6 Plum

For the girls, who dare to experiment, create the perfect look for an evening with a gorgeous black outfit finishing with smoky eye makeup and matte plum lip color. Lakme’s Absolute Gloss Addict Plum Perfect is the perfect one.

Lakme Absolut Gloss


#7 Clear Gloss

MAC’s Clear Lipglass can pinch a little hard on your pocket, but this absolutely amazing product is totally worth your investment. Dab a layer of the Lipglass over any glittery lipstick or a even very light shade with this clear gloss to give a gorgeous finish to your lips.

MAC Lipglass


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