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August 27, 2017

7 Movies With Hidden Subliminal Messages

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Movies are always been a special part of our day to day life some of them even effect us greatly by giving different kind of messages which people can understand easily. Sometimes they just give us plain entertainment. But some of the movies contain few hidden messages which may or may not be spotted by the viewers. This is done sometimes to terrify us or to exercise our brains or just to confuse us.

Here are the few hidden subliminal messages in the movie you won’t expect to be there:

#1 Disney’s Hidden Mickey 

Everyone knows that Disney loves to hide things in their movies and they have a very favorite character that they had incorporated in every single movie they have made. You can find Mickey Mouse in one or more scenes of them. This has also given rise to a very popular game of finding Mickey. The popular symbol of one round head and two round ears it’s there you just need to see more closely. Read more about such Disney-Pixar tricks.

#2 Ship of Victory in Skyfall

The movie Skyfall which was made for celebrating the 50th anniversary of bond movies has been layered carefully to honor all the actors who had ever acted as bond before the movie. The artwork of the movie had also been selected for the same purpose when Bond defeats Silva later in the movie the painting which was hung on the wall of M’s office is Thomas Butterworth’s ‘HMS Victory’.

#3 Bass Note of Irreversible

If something bad is going to happen you can easily know it because of change of music in the movie especially if it is some paranormal or thriller movie, same can be said about this one. The reason of nuisance of the audience isn’t just the brutal scenes but because of the use of a specific bass note which is painful to the human ear.

#4 Morse Code in the movie King Kong

Morse code is something combined in dots and dashes and cannot be read through naked eyes, but in this movie, you can read it loud and clear. In one part of the message send to Captain Englehorn for commencing the procedures of Jack Black’s character you can actually read the Morse code as it read Show me the Monkey.

#5 Cloverfield features creatures from the past 

During creating their own feature films Producer JJ Abrahams and director Matt Reeves had cleverly inserted few clips from the past monster movies like King kong, Them and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, they were barely recognizable in the clips but yes they are there.

#6 Pazazu in the Exorcist

Have you seen the demon that possesses Regan in The exorcist, it had been shown in the movie clippings as director William Friedkin had inserted an actual frame of the Demon named Pazuzu in the movie.

#7 The Impossible hotel in the Shining

The floor plan of the hotel in the shining is quite impossible to execute in real life because many things in it don’t make sense at all especially the window of Ullman’s office which faces inside of the building.

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