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August 27, 2017

7 Movies You Didn’t Knew That Shared The Movie Universe

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Movies which are made these days tend to share their universe with other motion picture. This is because anyone can make new things from combining different old ingredients together. Same is with making a new movie, you can pick out some scenes or characters from others and combined them together, and add up little of your own imagination and you can make a totally new show out of it.

But history of sharing universe of two movies dates way back and here are some of them which you cannot expect to be sharing universe with another movie:-

#1 “Soldier” shares a universe with Blade Runner and Alien

Soldier was written by David Peoples, who had also helped in rewriting the script for Blade Runner. So we can still see that they share some of the key elements which can be considered enough to point out that they may share the same universe.

#2 Piranha 3D shares a universe with Jaws

The movies share the same kind of character of an intrepid fisherman, however, the surname of characters had been changed due to legal issues. But, they both dress in the similar outfits for the both movies.

#3 Quentin Tarantino movies shares universes with all Robert Rodriguez movies 

Quentin Tarantino’s movies ought to share names, characters, faces with each other so it can be said that they belong to the same universe but the movies are rumored to share the universe with Robert Rodriguez movies too. This can be seen in the movies kill Bill and From Dusk till Dawn movies. Also, Michael Parks was featured as a sheriff in many of their movies.

#4 Out of Sight shares universe with Jackie Brown

Those two movies were totally different from one another, However, the thing that connects these two movies is the Michael Keaton. He had appeared in both of the movies but played two of totally different characters.

#5 Ghostbuster shares universe with Casper

The similarities can be seen in both of the movies because both of them shares same spectra and the movies based on the same concept that is ghosts in the family house.

#6 Tangled shares a universe with Frozen

Rapunzel from the movie tangled had been shown in the movie frozen as attendants at the time of coronation ceremony of Anna and Elsa, she was seen clearly in the dong for the first time in forever.

#7 Star Wars shares space with E.T the Extra Territorial

It has many similarities with the movies E.T, for example, the egg-shaped UFO that drops some alien that looks like E.T in the office of Galactic senate.

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