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March 15, 2017

These 7 Mouth-Watering Temptations Will Make You Hungry

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Breakfast is our daily energy dose! We all went through the famous quotations that ‘eating breakfast is compulsory as it maintains us for the rest of the day’. But do you really abide to it? Amid our busy and hustling life, the real meaning of breakfast has changed throughout the years. Centuries ago, having breakfast was the daily meal where you could see a family gathering in the morning. But as years passed, breakfast has become any quick morsel which we can gobble before hurrying to work or school.

However leaving aside all the monotonous myths ‘’breakfast being the essential meal of the day’’, let’s focus and visualize all those lip smacking, delicious and popular Indian nashtas which you can either prepare at home or have a bit in some restaurant or dhabas on your way to work.


Known as the famous Punjabi breakfast! Who would not want a hot fresh aloo (potato) paratha in early morning with spicy tangy mango pickle or dahi (curd)? Mouth watering right! We also need to break the mainstreaming talk: aloo paratha is not the only existing paratha on earth! You can vary your choices each day, try some Gobi (cauliflower) some mooli (radish) or meethi parathas. They are all yummy and stomach filing.

Idly and Dosa

The famous Southern nasthas.If you are visiting the Southern part, make sure you visit a famous or traditional Indian restaurant. Served on the fresh banana leaves, idly is enjoyed and cherished by everyone. Cooked from steamed rice and served with coconut chutney, pickles and the spicy sambar, idly is definitely a cannot miss dish. Nevertheless, do not forget the famous dosa. Prepared from soaked urad dal and rice from overnight, dosa is accompanied with sambar and coconut chutney. Depending on your choice, you can vary the stuffing from aloo (potato) to onions to cheese or rawa.


Moving to the Keralite land, Puttu is most eaten as breakfast. Made from steam ground rice and coconut, Puttu is served with chana curry or palm sugar.


The Nawabi dish, originating from the Mughal period, Nihari is a must for meat lovers. Cooked from beef or lamb, the dish is stewed overnight in an earthen pot. If you are a big fan of spices and chilly do try it. Usually accompanied with hot fresh Naans, Nihari will surely mark itself for a lifetime.


A traditional Maharashtrian breakfast! Prepared from flattened or beaten rice, Poha is eaten in most Maharashtrian houses for breakfast. In each house, you may find a different variety as some prefer it plain and some with vegetables such as peas, carrots or onions.

Misal Pav

Another favorite Maharashtra dish is anything to do with Pav (buns) such as Vada Pav, Bhajia Pav, and Usal Pav. However, the must try one is Misal Pav which is prepared from a vegetable curry toppled with Nankeens, onions and coriander.

Chole Bhature

Moving to the Northern part of India, ask anyone about their favorite nashta and high probability the answer is Chole Bhature. This dish is prepared from channa with masala and accompanied with flat breads called bhatura. The chole can also be served with poori or chapattis. Another famous North breakfast is Kachoris which are prepared from the poori dough and stuffed with soaked white urad dal and then fried. It is usually accompanied with chilly pickle or potato gravy.

With a hot cup of chai or filter coffee, all you morning will be enjoyable and blissful.

Happy Eating!

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