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February 8, 2017

7 Mesmerizing Stories By Ruskin Bond

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stories by ruskin bond - Ruskin Bond

We are presenting some of the short stories by Ruskin Bond. These stories are mesmerizing and everyone must read these stories at least once in their lifetime. Ruskin Bond is one of the finest and very famous writer and novelist. His works are really too deep and natural. One can feel totally connected with the stories of Ruskin Bond actually feel it happening in real life. He is one of my favorite writers, hands down.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, little one
The earth must rest when the day is done

The sun may be harsh, but moonlight -never!

-Ruskin Bond

As a child, these lines were always in the back of my mind. A legendary children’s author Ruskin Bond has enthralled the children for decades and generations.

Ruskin Bond’s wrote his first short story “Untouchable” when he was sixteen and has been writing till date at the age of 81. He is an Indian author of foreign descent. His books depict the simplicity of language which makes the stories more interesting and the lucid description makes a story alive.

Few of his best books that capture the pure essence of human life and behavior are a must-read.

#7 The Blue Umbrella

The story scripted back in 1980 depicts the perfect mix of children and their emotions while dealing with their desires. The book has also been adapted into a movie.

stories by ruskin bond - The Blue Umbrella


#6 The Night Train at Deoli

A personal favorite; the night train at Deoli brings out the feeling of love at the tender age at it’s best. One of the best love stories.

stories by ruskin bond - The Night Train at Deoli


#5 The Room on the Roof

Through this book, Ruskin has also penned events from his own life, including the room on the roof, where he spent his days as a child.

stories by ruskin bond - The Room on the Roof


#4 Time Stops at Shamli

stories by ruskin bond - Time Stops at Shamli


#3 A Tiger in the House

This short story depicts the relationship of trust between a human and animal. It is a beautiful story.

the tiger in the house


#2 The Skeleton in the Cupboard    

The fiction lists the unreleased stories of Bond often compiled with other short stories in the book called “SECRET”. It expresses a young boy’s detective quotient and enthusiasm of people around him.

The Skeleton in the Cupboard


#1 The Cherry Tree

The short story portrays a boy and his cherry tree, how the tree survives through different circumstances and the efforts of the boy. Finally, he is rewarded with the blossoms on his 9th birthday.

stories by ruskin bond - The Cherry Tree


These were some of the most famous and very popular stories by Ruskin Bond. Many of you would have already read it in your school but still, there is really not any particular age for reading and exploring. Hence, it is time to get set go and buy these amazing books or rent them or simply borrow them from your friends and enjoy a great time reading in these summers.  I bet you will be addicted to these stories by Ruskin Bond.

Happy reading time to each and every one of you.

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