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March 2, 2016

7 Life Changing Experiences That Will Help You Grow Wiser

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Most of us live a routine life; we follow what others do or what the society expects from us. We do not have courage to follow a different path or do what we desire to do. Doing something that does not make us satisfied results us in feeling sad and unhappy. We need to realize that we should feel happy inside. Do you often wonder when you wake up in the morning why do I have to wake up? Same old job? The time will not stop for us and we don’t want to live our old age saying kaash. It is only us who can make ourselves happy.

These 7 life changing experiences will help you unravel yourself and appreciate life.

#7 Take a manual job

While we may complain about boss and working culture, most of us prefer a job with maximum facilities at workplace. But the fact is there is no too much and we are unsatisfied with what we have. Take a manual job and it will change your perspective for sure. It will make you realize and respect all those people who are striving daily to build roads and buildings. A manual job will make you think about how lucky you are in life and that there are many others who struggle daily for a morsel. You will start valuing your jobs and cherish your daily lifestyle.

#6 Keep a pet

We tend to avoid our core responsibilities and hide behind the facade of work. Adopt a pet and you will become responsible. You will learn how to divide time between your personal and work responsibilities. Things that you think are unnecessary will become lot more meaningful. Besides pet is a great companion.

#5 Learn a different language

It’s never too late to learn. Learning a new language is like discovering another part of life. Sitting in your class it makes you travel the country’s language. You will feel inner happiness that ‘’I know this language I can understand it’’. Maybe others will not understand you, but in yourself you will have a passion to learn more and eventually you will start watching movies in the language and will also dream of travelling there.

#4 Enjoy some outdoor activities.

There are times when we are browsing our Facebook wall and we see our friends enjoying scuba diving, sky diving or zip lining. It leaves you wishing to enjoy the same activities but you may either be scared or you have no time. There is always time to enjoy life, we just find it. If you are scared then we suggest you to do an activity with certified professional.

#3 Visit a village

Village life is quite simple. Frequent power outages and no malls, there is not much to do in a village. Visiting a village will make you feel lucky and thank your stars but it will make you enjoy simple things in life.

#2 Work for an NGO

There is no better way to thank life than by helping someone in need. Think of how you can help and find an NGO that can help you. Volunteer and you will get an inner satisfaction that you will not be able to express.

#1 Start a business

Starting a business will either result in failure or success. But it will challenge you; it will make you learn and grow as an individual.

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