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September 12, 2016

7 Instances of Selfie Crazed People

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small hands

We all are no stranger to ‘selfies’ – taken them, seen them, been there, done that. Talking a walk – take a selfie, eating/drinking something – take a selfie, gotten ready – take a selfie, do the smallest of things – take a selfie! We take a selfie for the pettiest things! But don’t worry, you have not got this selfie bug like crazy, there are some people who have literally gone out of their way for that ‘Perfect Selfie’, which obviously didn’t turn out so perfect! Come and we’ll take a look together!

#1 Small hands? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

small hands

#2 Okay, that guy is weird as hell and the dog is kinda cute!

crazed, cute dog

#3 People are really not worried about dying, hey? What about a selfie right now? Great, A hurricane is waiting for its ‘selfie-session’, let me get a “selfie” first.


#4 Let’s give him some credit – the sun must have been at that some at some point of the day!


#5 I really do NOT want to be on that plane.

airplane selfie

#6 Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull the trigger!


#7 So much S-W-A-G!

Image Credits: Google Images

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