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August 27, 2017

7 Horror Movies You Can’t Watch Alone

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Blair Witch Project

Believe it or not  it is a thrilling experience to get frightened, especially if you are watching a horror movie at night. The fun of watching these kind of scary movies is really one of a kind. Some horror movies you can watch alone but believe it or not, there are some which will freak out even those who are more stronger at heart than us mere mortals. Here, have a look at these beasties of horror cinema!

#1 The Exorcist Collection (US), 1973-2005

One of the best horror movies considered so far. The 1973 classic is really one of a kind. It is impossible to forget the possessed McNeil walking down the stairs, upside down on all fours. None of its sequels have managed to match it so far. That one scene is enough to scare the audience to bits.

#2 The Ju–On Series (Japan), 1998-2015

Watched ‘The Grudge’? Yes? Great! So now it’s time for you to watch the original Japanese version, which is much scarier. The concept of an old house with an old curse is seen to be used in a number of movies. But the way it is used in this movie is sure to haunt you at night.

#3 Blair Witch Project (US), 1999

The film is shot with a handy cam and that what makes it scarier. The footage was found after a long time though, but the style of making the film is far ahead than paranormal activity. We all have a fascination of going for adventures to some unknown and horror place, after watching the movie you are sure to think twice.

#4 A Tale of Two Sisters (South Korea), 2003

Most of us believe that the horror movies don’t have a perfect or good storyline which has the ability to impress the audience. It is kind of filled with crap characters and ghosts which barely scare the audience. Watch the movie ‘A Tale of Two Sisters,’ and your entire perception is bound to change. It is a great psychological horror movie which will make you keep thinking for a long time. There are twists and turns which you might not have expected. The main climax with a sudden twist at the end will haunt you for a long time.

#5 Shutter (Thailand), 2004

This movie is not at all for the weak hearted. It is one of the most popular horror films ever made in the history. A number of scenes are so terrifying that you can’t keep your eyes open. This movie also had an American and an Indian version made. But just don’t watch them. It will spoil all the fun.

#6 The Conjuring (US), 2013

Though we watch a lot of scary movies, but there is one satisfaction which keeps us sane which is that they are all stories and not true events. What if a horror movie is made based on a true story? Yes, ‘The Conjuring’ falls under that category. The ghastly things going around in the house when a family moves to a haunted house is really worth watching. For a long time you will scared to bits every time someone claps.

#7 Annabelle (US), 2014

After ‘The Conjuring,’ the next movie which got publicity is ‘Annabelle’. The story of the doll and strange things going around because of it is really scary. The scene in the lift will stop your heart beat for a second.

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