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June 6, 2016

7 Hilarious Whatsapp Conversations

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Whatsapp has become an undeniable part of our virtual existence. We all have this app and use it to the fullest. Be it new emojis, voice notes, group conversations, internet calls Whatsapp is our lifeline. All in good humour and no offense, this article enlists 7 hilarious Whatsapp conversations, get ready to ROFLMAO-

#1 April Fool Momma

This poor mom got pranked by her daughter saying she wishes to drop out from school. The hilarious part is her mother’s reply when she learns it was all just an April Fool joke. This one will surely crack you up and give you a new prank idea.

#2 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani plot summary

This chat gives you the gist of this Deepika-Ranbir starred blockbuster Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani in a nutshell. The gist of the plot is hilarious and hits just the right note. Bunny’s status should be included in 13 Smartass WhatsApp Statuses.


#3 Lyrics via Whatsapp?

While being perfectly on point, this funny conversation between Mika Singh and Honey Singh shows us how the two are working together towards torturing humanity with, well their what-they-think-is-music-but-is-really-noise.

 #4 Hint hint?

This cracked me up since I relate to this so much. A shout out to all other potatoes like me who would rather build a fort! This one is so nostalgic.

#5 My Crush

I am sure we have been confused about what life people ask for when they do. Here’s to Candy crush lovers who crushed people who crushed on them. That is a lot of crushing!

#6 If DDLJ was on Whatsapp

This conversation captures everything this movie ever stood for, i.e. weird stereotypes of love, the perfect lover, patriarchy and NRI patriotism. This conversation, followed by a Pretentious Movie Review of DDLJ by Biswa Kalyan Rath and Kanan Gill on YouTube would be your perfect guide to this “celebration of love”.

#7 Dead dear, who cares?

This birthday wish will leave you absolutely cracked up, it is so funny. Autocorrect is always a bitch but it makes moments worth framing and this one is such a moment. Read the chat and find out how dead a person can be on his/her birthday.

Whatsapp is fun, but do not let the fun hurt anyone, though. Go spread more smiles and laughter around and add to the hilarious bandwagon. Because laughter, is always the best medicine, no matter what!

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