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March 16, 2017

7 Grooming Hacks for Busy Men

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It’s the era of busy lifestyles, and on point looks. So, how do we marry the two? It’s simple, follow these 7 grooming hacks for busy men, and you’ve got yourself a routine that is simple, time efficient and makes your game on point!

Stubble trouble

When you have no time to tame that mighty beard of yours because the boss wants you in office, get yourself a mobile shaver that fits into your bag and use it in the office bathroom. Beard game grooming hack for busy men is on point!

Skin Savvy

Use virgin coconut oil for your skin at night before bed, so that your skin is soft, hydrated and healthy looking in the morning. This grooming hack for busy men also makes for an inexpensive skin routine.

Heavy Hair

When there is no time to shampoo, there’s always a grooming hack for busy men. keep a bottle of baby powder handy. Run it in between your hair near the scalp for sweet smelling and flowy hair that isn’t weight down.

Smelly Shoes

To avoid any foot odours, keep some talcum powder or a powder based deodorant handy. Not only does the deodorant keep the smell at bay, the powder in it can also prevent any shoe bites from new shoes if applied at the ankles – add that to your repertoire of grooming hacks for busy men.

Half-Day Oil

Busy workdays and quick meals don’t go very well with your appearance, especially when there is an important meeting. For a quick grooming hack for busy men, keep a set of coffee filter papers handy to just blot off the excess oil from the face.

Crazy Eye(brows)

To smooth out any flyaway eyebrows, dab some lip balm to smooth them over.



you may not have the time or energy to keep getting a session at the good ol’ salon but you can definitely use 1 tsp baking soda mixed with water to exfoliate for a quick fix. Do moisturize after that!

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