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May 6, 2016

7 Gift Ideas for Lazy People to Surprise Their Mother

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We all share a very special bond with our mother. We may not like her advice but will turn to her when we are in doubt or need advice. We may not like her choice because she still wants to dress her like little kid but yet we take her to help us with shopping.

We shouldn’t need a special day for this special woman in our lives but now its her turn. She deserves to be pampered and we have 7 gift ideas that will make her day amazing. Starting from a gift idea that will take effort to absolutely effortless gift idea; we have covered all the gift givers.

#7 Plan a vacation

Your mom might be working somewhere or maybe she is a home maker, but she works her entire day relentlessly. Even she needs a day off and take her mind off the daily routine. Plan a weekend getaway or short vacation to give her the much needed break.


#6 Gift her things she needs

Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye is a typical reply we may have heard from our mothers but deep-down we all know what she needs. Don’t ask her just buy the things you know she really needs. You will hear the above line again but she will be really happy.

#5 Prepare lunch for her

Remember the time you slept empty stomach because she didn’t cook your favorite butter chicken? Surprise her this Sunday by preparing a special lunch or brunch for her. And if you are a really bad cook then make maggi or her morning tea. She will be happy that you atleast tried to cook (P.S. don’t leave the kitchen as if a tornado passed by).


#4 Clean up all your messes

Okay, we know we all hate to cleaning our rooms but for one day try and keep your room clutter-free. Also, try not be messy around the house.

messy room

#3 Create a collage

Collect all the old and new pictures of your mum and create a paper collage or digital collage with the help of smartphone app. You could also create a slideshow with smartphone app. Make sure she sees the collage first thing in the morning or maybe while having her morning tea. If your are not an early-riser then collaborate with an early-riser to make your plan a success.


#2 Pamper her with spa/facial

We girls know how important that bi-weekly parlor trip is. But we also know because of work overload our mothers usually just get her eyebrows done while she may be craving for that pedicure/facial. Book her a parlor appointment and pamper her.


#1 Listen to her and obey her

For once don’t argue with her or get in fight. It is her day. Just listen to her and make her feel special.

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