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November 24, 2016

7 Funny Horoscopes We Came Across on Tumblr

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Tumblr (or tumblr.) is a microblogging and social networking website. On Tumblr you can find content that will make you laugh to something that can make you sad. Time to time you will also find posts that are just plain weird. Anyone can start a blog on tumblr. Download the app, sign up for a tumblr account and decide whether you want to make your blog public or private. Once the account has been set up, you can start uploading multimedia. Just like other social media platforms, you can follow other users. But here is something interesting for people who rush through the horoscope section every morning. We bring to you some funny horoscopes that will make you laugh and rejoice your hearts.

If you are someone like me who takes horoscopes both as fun and serious, then these funny horoscopes we found on Tumblr will make you laugh out loud!

#1 What does your Headstone Say?

Who doesn’t want to have an interesting tagline on their tombstone which best sums up the life they lived or the kind of person they are. Some of you might want to make people remember you with a smile when they stand in front of you tomb. So here is a funny horoscope which best describes the person by mentioning the lines they would choose to inscribe on their tombstone.

Funny Horoscopes: Headstones


#2 Zodiac Squads

Its quite common that the initial connection between people is established with the similarities in their personality traits. So here are some squads with similar characteristics based on their zodiac signs. Check out where you belong as well as zodiacs that match up to you. You never know it might be true!!

Funny Horoscopes: Zodiac Squads


#3 Signs and Science Class

The best moments are piled up in school days and college days in a classroom. It’s a combination of people sincerely listening to the lecture, some of them daydreaming, a few of them busy gossipping and the rest of them planning to skip the next class. So let’s find out what exactly goes on in your mind during a science class. Well ask yourrself if its true and also you will have an idea as to what is cooking in your peer’s mind.

Funny Horoscopes: Science Class


#4 Signs relation with bed

 he closest and deepest relationship we ever share is with our bed. After a tired day, nothing in the world can fetch you as much as delight that the sight of your bed welcoming you can give you. But how many of us can really fall into sleep after getting on to bed. So here are the funny horoscopes that reveal the connection with bed and how best the bed can sing you a lullaby. 

Funny Horoscopes: Signs relation with Bed


#5 If signs won lottery

A million dollar question: What if you won a large sum in lottery? Well all of us must have thought about this at some point. Who doesn’t!! So here is a tumblr horoscope of the zodiac signs that categorizes them into various squads highlighting their nature.

Funny Horoscopes: If Signs won Lottery


#6 Signs with their crush

 This particular tumblr horoscope specifies how a person acts in front of their crush. That’s something interesting to know. Does it predict right about you!

Funny Horoscopes: Signs with their Crush

#7 Nightmare and daydream

One best way of describing a person’s character is by using the similes nightmare and daydream which best explain the contrasting features of a person. Now lets check this funny horoscope and see if it’s right in your case.



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