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May 9, 2016

7 Foods That Everyone Must Avoid At Airport

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Air travel is perhaps the most convenient medium of travelling. Subsequently, we have to depend on airport food sometimes if we are very hungry or thirsty. Although, airlines are trying their best to provide healthy food which was not available at airports earlier; but it is not wise to trust all that is available at the airports in the name of healthy food. Some foods commonly available at the airports are harmful for particular reasons. Let us find out what are those foods and why are they not fit for consumption.

#1 Muffins

No matter how much we crave for comfort foods while travelling, we should never buy the Muffins available at the airport. The reason is, airport or commercial muffins are very big in size, and as such they are stuffed with extra fats and sugar to make them more sinful. The “low fat” tag attached to them is for namesake. Actually, they are loaded with calories that are really harmful. So, airport muffins must be avoided.

#2 Salted Snacks

We always like to snack on something while travelling. It seems like the best idea to deal with the boredom and stress of travelling. Chips and Salted nuts are a common food item to be found at the airports. But these should be avoided because they have high sodium content. Moreover, they also have added colours, flavours and preservatives. Sodium rich foods are bad for blood health and artificial flavours and preservatives can cause many deadly diseases.

#3 Sugary Foods

Candies and elaborate coffee drinks are another thing non the menu available at airports that should be avoided. Although many of us like to have a cup of coffee to get that instant kick, but in fact, such foods make us more stressed later because of their low nutritive value. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee for instant energy, it is better to try a healthy bowl of vegetable soup or wholesome options like hummus, fruits, nuts, or bean burrito bowls with salsa.

#4 Energy Drinks

Aerated energy drinks or colas should always be avoided especially at airports. These drinks dehydrate the body because of their high sugar and caffeine content.  The air conditioned cabin of the aeroplane is already quite dry; hence foods and drinks that can keep us well hydrated should be taken. Water is the best drink option during air travels.

#5 Cold Sandwiches

Airport sandwiches should never be eaten because the filling they use is made up of highly processed meat and stale vegetables. Also, they have negligible nutrients and loads of calories. They are certainly harmful for health and they even taste bad.

#6 Fried Food

Fried foods are bad for health and it is a well known fact. We know all the harmful effects of oily food and avoid eating it at home; hence, we should try to avoid it at the airport as well!

#7 Fruit Smoothies and Yogurt Parfaits

Fruit Smoothies and Yogurt Parfaits are not bad foods on their own. But those available at the airports are, because they are made with frozen ingredients which might be stale or rotten. Moreover they are stuffed more with sugars, artificial flavours and food colours to make them tastier and more attractive. This destroys there nutritional value and makes them harmful. So, they should be avoided when at the airport.

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