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June 13, 2016

7 Food Hacks That Every Hostel/PG Student Swears By

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Food Hacks

Staying in a hostel or a PG can be tough and fun at the same time. The thought of staying away from home or sharing a place with unknown people might trouble you in the beginning, but living in a city with new people can be all very exciting as well. But one constant thing that can make your hostel days anywhere in India miserable is the typical mess food. Every student from every college hostel or PG are acquainted with a dinner of a bland aloo ki sabzi, an almost transparent dal, and rotis that replicate a kerchief. While you are torn between having terrible mess food and buying expensive meals from restaurants, here are 7 food hacks and super easy recipes to make your lives easier:

#1 Stash Maggi

This age old trick is possibly the simplest way to prepare a hassle free meal. Prepare a cuppa maggie or boil Maggi in water to prepare a soupy dinner. For a change, grate some cheese and sprinkle on top of the Maggi along with little black pepper. It stands out as the best solution for your mid night hunger.

Food Hacks: Stash Maggi


#2 Buy an Electric Kettle

Cooking utensils can be quite a burden in hostel as you do not have much space. If you cannot afford to keep a microwave or an induction cook top, buy an electric kettle. They are cheap, small in size, and can be used to prepare a number of things like boiled eggs, coffee, tea, Maggi, soups, boiled vegetables and even rice!

Food Hacks: Electric Kettle


#3 Prepared Fried Noodles for Dinner

Here is another food hack for foodies away from home. Fried delicacies come to the rescue during your midnight cravings for yummy food! Whenever you are bored with your daily diet of Maggi, try cooking fried noodles from the same Maggi. All you need to do is to strain water from the boiled Maggi and then fry it with veggies of your choice.

Food Hacks: Fried Maggi


#4 Buy Processed Meat Instead of Cooking

Hostel messes serve chicken once in a blue moon, literally and some messes simply do not. It’s a horrific nightmare for meat lovers. If you have that irresistible meat craving at times, buy processed meat instead of trying to cook dishes. Semi cooked or cooked sausages are savoury and can also be tossed with fried vegetables to prepare a wholesome meal and is one of the best food hacks for students.

Food Hacks: Processed Meat


#5 Store Teabags

People tend to yearn more for their homes when they stay away. Don’t you miss your early morning teas and late night coffees? Well, your electric kettle will be your rescue this time. Just store enough teabags in your dorm to prepare tea in just a minute.

Food Hacks: Teabags


#6 Prepare the Best Latte Ever

Did you know that you can prepare your favourite latte right in your hostel with that same electric kettle? Heat a cup of milk with sugar first and add cocoa powder to prepare the regular espresso. Now pour about half cup of milk in long covered jar, shake this jar vehemently for 30 seconds straight. The milk will almost double in size. Now heat this milk a little in the kettle and pour it on top of the already prepared espresso. Your latte is ready!

Food Hacks: Latte


#7 Use paper cups and plates instead of utensils

Storing dishes and washing them regularly in a hostel can be pretty tough. Running short of water or long queues in wash basins are a common scene. Use paper cups and plates instead and make your life easy with these amazing food hacks!

Food Hacks: Paper Cups


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