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July 30, 2016

7 Fictional Schools You Wish You Have Attended

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Fictional Schools

The schools from the books, movies and TV shows give us the illusion of a school life that is full of fun, adventures and interesting occurrings. Sadly, in real life, schools are nothing like the fictional ones. Our schools do not allow enough fascinating world outside the usual study and assignments. Therefore, we love to indulge ourselves in the idea of attending a school where hidden secrets, unpredictable incidents, hot guys, beautiful girls, fashionable uniforms keep our life happening.

#1 Hogwarts School of WitchCraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter)

Hogwarts is one school, every Potterhead wants to attend. Who doesn’t want to attend the Potion and Defense Against Dark Art classes, enjoy the feast in the great hall, and watch the Quidditch tournament sitting in the pavilion? Well, we are even prepared for the house rivalry and an expedition into the forbidden part of the school. The school for witchcraft and wizardry even stopped Voldemort from taking over the world. And we would have loved to take part in the battle with Harry, Ron and Hermione.


#2 Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters (X-Men)

A principal who can read your mind might sound eerie but think again, here you get a teacher who can bring storms, fellow students have power like controlling fire and ice and you get to fight with bad guys as well. Do you need anything more to make your school life interesting? We can only wish we were gifted with super powers  and were eligible to go to Professor Xavier’s school.


#3 St. Judes- Constance Billard (Gossip Girl)

St. Judes School for Boys and Constance Billard School for Girls are twin school positioned in Manhattan, NewYork. The school for elite people have an excellent reputation for preparing the students to get into Ivy League colleges. With a secret blogger  to unveil the scandalous stories of well-heeled students,  they have lots of drama in their life. The cherry on the top is the students of the school have an impeccable sense of fashion and plenty of money to execute it. Doesn’t it make the school worthy to attend?

St Judes

#4 Tree Hill High School (One Tree Hill)

Basketball match, pretty cheerleaders with high voltage dramas like sibling rivalry, young love, love triangles involving two best friends, teen marriage,- students of this high school never have any short of excitement in their life and that makes them much cooler than regular teenagers. Who won’t like to get the taste of such amazing drama?

Tree Hill High School

#5 Mystic Falls High School (The Vampire Diaries)

If you are looking for a mysterious high school to enroll, this institute is exclusively suggested for you. Mysterious Vampire, hot werewolves, vampire hunters, witches, plus huge teen drama, triangles, heartbreaks, romance, school dance and all the nail biting incidents that take place here, makethe  Mystic Falls High School a place we want to visit.

Mystic Falls

#6 Beacon Hill High School (Teen Wolf)

People, who are searching for mythical creatures, can make friendship with few of them. Along with cool  werewolves, this school has a Banshee who can predict death, a Kitsune, a newly trained werewolf hunter and dozens of chimeras as students. What are Kitsune and Chimera? You’ve to watch Teenwolf and experience the life of students of Beacon Hills to know.

Beacon Hills

#7 East High School (High School Musical)

No other schools celebrate music and dance like East High does. From the captain of the Basketball team to the nerdy girl, almost every student of the school is a singer and an awesome dancer as well. Last day before vacation, holiday time, playing baseball, falling in love, breakup, friend reunion- they have a song for every occasion. We can totally dream of the moment while after winning a match all the players burst out singing and dancing “Wild Cats Everywhere.”

East High School

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