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July 3, 2016

7 Fashion Tips For Monsoon Season

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Monsoons in India are erratic in nature which is to say they do not let you know before they pour down on you. Therefore you always need to be prepared with an umbrella in your bag or a raincoat. Dressing up can be tricky in monsoon but it does not mean you have to ditch all the good and fashionable clothes and go all drab just because it is the season of rains. Here are useful monsoon fashion tips for you to stay in style in the rains and enjoy monsoons too:

#1 Jazz up!
Just because the clouds turned grey need not mean you need to switch your mood to suit the clouds. Jazz up your wardrobe this monsoon with bright colours. Wear colourful short dresses and skirts and shorts. Take out colourful umbrellas with you. Colour blocking is a good idea for monsoon. Do not let the dullness of the atmosphere get to you, burst out with colours as the sky bursts out with rain!

#2 Bye Bye See-Throughs
Put aside all your see through garments for the coming summer or winter because monsoons are just not see through friendly. See through garments stick to your body making it look like you have not worn anything at all and making you look more of an optical illusion. Spare yourself the glares and stares and save the see through for summers and avoid it in the rains. The only transparent stuff to be used in monsoons can be your umbrella or a raincoat.
Wear sleeveless tops with solid colours which are not transparent. Bare your arms this monsoon. The less you wet yourself the less risk you have of catching a cold.

#3 Bye Bye Palazzo
Palazzos are high on comfort but with monsoon coming close you need to bid farewell to your lovely palazzos if you do not want to ruin them. Wearing it in monsoon gets it wet in the dirty puddles and since it is long it almost washes the mud on the streets. Therefore palazzos are not a monsoon friendly wardrobe addition.

#4 Hello Flip-Flops
Say hello to colourful flip flops. Experiment with prints, designs and colours. Flip flops are the best monsoon footwear since they are water proof. You cannot wear cloth shoes or leather hoses or suede shoes since none of them stay intact if they come in contact with water. Therefore, crocs and flip flop sandals are the only way to go about it, this monsoon.

flip flops

#5 No Denim Zone
Keep the denims aside since they take a lot of time to dry up once you get them wet in the rain and you cannot dry them owing to the dull weather which sees too less of the sun. It is better to wear cotton pants or shorts or capris or playsuits in the rains teamed with gumboots.

#6 Make up and Jewellery
Minimal is the way to go since you can only wear stuff that is water proof. Therefore, go for eye liners and kajals which are water proof and will not smudge in rainwater.
Wear bangles and earrings and neckpieces, but ones which will not be affected by rainwater.

#7 Hair
The best way to keep your hair is to tie it in a bun since letting it loose and wetting it in rainwater is not a very good idea. Firstly rainwater these days is polluted, therefore you can be sure it will cause damage and might even start to itch if you are too sensitive. Also, wet hair becomes difficult to untangle using bare hands so when you are outside, keeping your hair neatly tied saves you from the difficulties of managing the hair or having to worry about it.

Follow these tips and add more of your own if you wish to. Have a fashionable monsoon, ladies!

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