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January 20, 2017

7 Fashion Accessories Every College Girl Must Invest In

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College girls

Being a College girl is no less than an award winning task. From managing to complete assignments before dead line and making sure to look best daily, girl you work hard. Talking about managing your daily OOTD , you can nail every look with some simple accessories add-on. And, we promise you that you’ll be the Diva of your college from now.

Make sure you have these accessories with you in your closet and then play the mix-match game.

#1 Jhumkas For Ethnic Wear

Do you love to pair up ethnic wear for college? But sadly, you really struggle to nail the outfit completely. Well, we suggest you to buy a beautiful jhumkas and wear them up whenever where ever you wish to wear ethnic or even fusion.

#2 The Signature Neck piece

A Neck piece is a must-have for every college girl. They not only sparkle up your outfit but they totally give you an edgy look. Do you want to make an outfit interesting? Well, invest in a neck piece which can be paired up with many outfits.

#3 Sling Bag For Essentials

So you will not be wanting to go with your big size bag everywhere. Sometimes, you only need to keep some essentials with you for a day-out or maybe for dinner or night out. You need to have a sling bag in your closet. They look so cool and are easy to carry. Next time, you are planning to go out for a day-out with your friends, carry sling bag and slay whole day.

sling bag

#4 Scarf To Add Fun

Scarf can add color to your outfit instantly. Whenever, you feel you don’t know what to wear, grab a tee and jeans, put up the scarf and you are good to go. Also, during hot days you can cover up yourself from harsh sun rays and in winters, it can protect you from chilly winds.

#5 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are surely must have for you. They not only look cool but also protect your eyes from sun rays. Invest in good quality Sunglasses and see how it changes your look.

#6 Boho Rings

Rings are everyone’s favorite accessory. They give glam look and compliment the outfit. Buy some statement boho rings and what if I tell you , you can wear them with western as well as ethnic outfits.

#7 Hoop Earrings for Formal Wear

Do you also feel irritated to think what right accessory would be with formals? We will suggest you to pair up beautiful hoop earring along with formal wear. They looks sober and will give an edge to that not-so-cool formals.

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