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August 3, 2016

7 Fanfictions All The Potterhead Must Read 

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Fan fictions are for those readers who got their heart broken by the authors in book series. A few parts of us die, when the author decides to kill our favorite character or our OTP (One True Pair) do not end up together. FFs give us relief from the agony. When it comes to getting heart broken by your favorite series, Potter Heads got theirs  wrecked many times. Here are some FFs which can be a great medicine for your broken hearts.

#1 Macbeth by Cyropi

Why Read It: The Author has brilliantly set the classic drama by William Shakespeare in the backdrop of the wizarding world, where Draco is Macbeth and Hermione as his love interest.

If you’re a Dramione shipper, enjoy reading this classic tales, or swear by the name of Shakespeare, this fanfiction is meant to be your favorite.

#2 Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives by Starkiller

Why Read It: When a curse is set upon Fred Weasley, he had to come back as a ghost in the wizarding world. Fred must have the curse broken within a year, else he will endure hellish pain for eternity. Teaming up with George Weasley and paranormal detective Nox he tried to break the curse, but breaking the curse might bring back the most beautiful but cruelest wizard ever, the Winter Queen.

This fanfiction will make every Weasley twins fans pleased if they’re still annoyed for not getting enough of them in the book series. Plus, this ff has the most well sketched original character ever, Nox. You will love her.

#3 Commentaries by Beedaily

Why Read It: When Lily was in 7th year of Hogwarts, she found out she is in love with the cocky James Potter, which she is not ready to accept.

This tale of love is a perfect blend of romantic comedy and a passionate love saga. This fan-fiction will make you crave to be in Hogwarts as a classmate of James and Lily so that you can witness all of it happening.

#4 Cruel And Beautiful World by Lena Phoria

Why Read It: When Hermione had to live on the street, after years of being a prisoner, she is not scared of hurting anyone to survive. She must find Harry, and the only way to do it is to take help from Draco, a death eater.

Another Dramione FF you just can’t miss. The love story is passionate and larger than life in this FF.

#5 The Secret’s In The Telling by Pyrophoric

Why Read It: When Draco Malfoy is bitten by a werewolf, his life takes a turn for the worst. He had to hide his ill fate from the world, but it’s not easy when Harry suspects something is wrong with him.

Drarry shipper this one is the FF you’re going to love. The forbidden romance between Draco and Harry will fulfill all of your fantasies.

#6 The Paradigm Of Uncertainty by Lori

Why Read It: Though they have left Hogwarts, but seems like trouble is not going to leave them ever. After 9 years of them leaving Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione found themselves surrounded by another mystery which leads them towards a grave adventure.

If you think Harry and Hermione were meant to be with each other, this is the FF you’re gonna adore. The mystifying aura that surrounds the storyline makes it a must read.

#7 Harry Potter And The Methods Of Rationality by Elizabeth Yudkowsky

Why Read It: Harry is brought up by Petunia and her scientist husband, who encourages Harry to see the world with a scientific point of view. When Harry lands in Hogwarts at 11 years old, he found himself questioning everything around him.

If you’re a Potterhead and yet to read this FF yet, read it NOW! This is one of the most popular FFs if not the most popular one. Don’t miss reading it at any cause.

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