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March 20, 2016

7 Happy Facts on International Happiness Day

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International Happiness Day

Sometimes we become so busy in our lives that we forget to be happy. We focus on things that we do not have and tend to forget moments that make us happy. To remind people that how important happiness is, International Happiness Day was set in action by United Nations in 2012. The day is the brain child of Bhutan (also the happiest country in Asia). We bring you 7 interesting and happy facts on International Happiness Day that will bring a smile on your face.

#1 The term happy has derived from hap (which means good luck) in the 14th century.

So, it is always better to be happy as it can bring good luck by your own self.

#2 Harrogate is the happiest place in the UK.

Let us all make this a part of our wishlist. Visiting a happy place could be the best thing anyone can do before dying.

#3 Denmark and Norway are the happiest countries in the world.

How lucky are the people of these countries! They must be inhaling happy oxygen all the time.

#4 The term ‘happy hour’ was coined in 1951 in Los Angeles. Happy Hour refers to the time to buy cheap drinks.

Of course, we know about Happy Hours. We crave for these happy hours in our favourite lounges.

#5 According to a study conducted in 2011, we are happiest when the temperature is 13.9C.

Now, this one is really exciting. We must keep this in mind and see what is magical in this stated temperature.

#6 In 1972, Bhutan declared Gross National Product was less important than Gross National Happiness.

This is so true and pleasing. If the government of the country thinks in this way then I guess there won’t be any sad faces in any corner.

#7 The happiest married couples are the ones where the wife is more beautiful than the husband.

Now, this is really cool. This estimate or the research is the best and the ultimate hack to happiness for all the couples. One thing to mind here is that all women are pretty and hence men should agree with this. This was one of the best facts on International Happiness Day.

These were some of the extremely happy and jolly facts on International Happiness Day which you must have come across and we are super happy to have made you smile in some way.

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