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October 14, 2016

7 Facts About Pokemon You May Not Have Known Earlier

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Pokemon game was a huge craze. It was one of the most downloaded apps and people went crazy catching Pokemon. One more time, cute, little imaginary creatures are taking the world by storm. The game re-defined the nostalgia for the loyal fans of the animation series and generated newfound fandom who might not know the nitwits about Pokemon. So here are 7 interesting and unknown facts about our little creatures:

#7 Ash has caught 70 Pokemon in 14 years.

There are more than 800 Pokemon. Ash is going to take a long time to ‘catch them all’.

#6 In the fourteen years of Pokemon run, Ash did not grow up.

For fourteen years, Ash is a ten-year-old boy.

#5 One of the most popular hobbies among Japanese children is to collect insects?

This inspired the creators to make a story of the world where kids catch Pokemon. Thanks to the game; we can now catch Pokemon in real world.

#4 Remember Ekans, which evolved to Arbok?

This was the favorite of Team Rocket girl Jessie. You may not have noticed before, if you spell Ekans and Arbok from backward it is Snake, and Kobra respectively.

#3 Do you know what does the word ‘Pokemon’ mean?

No, it’s nothing in Japanese. This word is a combination of two very common English words. Pocket and monster.

#2 The reason behind thunder Pikachu’s name.

In Japanese, the sound electricity makes is called ‘pika’ and the sound a mouse make is called ‘chu’.

#1 Ash and Misty had a romantic connection in Japanese version

But, for some reasons the English version edited the romantic part out.

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