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February 4, 2016

7 Easy Ways to Support #WorldCancerDay

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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day (WCD) is celebrated every year around the globe on February 4, 2016. WCD is an initiative to generate awareness to help reduce illness and death caused by cancer. While there are dedicated months to raise awareness about breast cancer and prostate cancer, in February, no specific type of cancer is considered.

Why do we need World Cancer Day?

According to research, the number of cancer cases are predicted to increase by 70%. In last month, there have 740,000 deaths due to cancer. In India, cancer is one of the top causes of death after heart attack. While globally the number of deaths caused has declined such is not the case in developing countries. The main reason is lack of awareness and detection. Cancer can be prevented if it is detected in time. Celebrities such as Yuvraj Singh, Manisha Koirala and Lisa Ray are cancer survivors.

How can you help?

There are themes associated with WCD. This year will mark the launch of three year campaign under the tagline, ‘We Can, I Can‘. There are various campaigns that you can participate to create awareness about cancer in your community/school/offices/colleges. These 7 campaigns are simple and anyone can participate.

Shave your head, take a selfie and share it on social media with hashtag #NoHairSelfie to support individuals undergoing cancer treatments. You don’t have to physically shave your head, you may also opt for virtual head shaving.

Support ThunderClap Campaign
Share the message ‘Today is #WorldCancerDay! Help spread the message that #WeCanICan take action to help prevent and fight #cancer. http://thndr.me/k5iHFM‘ on Twitter/Facebook or any Social Media platform.

Talking Hand
Write a WCD message on your hand using the theme ‘We Can, I Can‘. Take a picture of your hand and share it on social media using the hashtags #WeCanICan and #WorldCancerDay

BCA Campaign
Participate in Estee Lauder’s BCA Campaign by uploading a video/text/photo with support message. Also, share your content on Social Media using the hashtag #BCAstrength

Donate Blood
If you are in Mumbai, then you can show your support by donating blood to cancer patient. Youngisthan Charitable trust in association with Tata Memorial Hospital is organizing blood donation camp.

Run for Cancer Children
Participate in Classic 14th Annual Lake Circuit state level Road Race, Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore. The entry fee is INR 100 and anyone can participate. All participants will get certificate. Click here to register yourself.

Go for that health checkup!
Get a complete family health checkup to ensure that your body is fit and healthy. Early detection can help your loved one.

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