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March 21, 2017

7 Desi Food From International Food Chains

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Dosa Burger

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The International food chains have found their way to India but to make a way into the hearts of the food loving Indians, they actually had to go desi. From Tandoori burgers to Nimbu Mirchi Pizza, there has been a lot of innovative desi food that the chefs have come up with. So let us look at 7 Indian-International combinations that totally made us go wow!

These desi food are too good to miss!

#1 Dominos Navratri Special

Navratri is a big time in India with Durga Pooja, Dandiyas and some mouth-watering festive food. Dominos seized this chance to grab the eyeballs with its amazing Navratra combo made of a Navratra Pizza, Sabudana chips and Sago Pudding. Sounds like this food chain really really loves India and Indians really really love their desi food.

Desi Food - Dominos Navratri special

#2 Burger King’s Chicken Tandoor Grill

Two barbecued chicken patties with onions and pudina chutney. What is not there to love? Burger King transformed its whole menu for India cutting out on its beef and meat options. It must have been a challenge but Burger King has completely won over us with its Indianized and delicious menu.

Desi food-chicken tandoori grill burger

#3 Subway’s Chatpatta Chaana Patty

Another Navratri special; Subway came up with a range of Indian flavoured sandwiches to attract its Indian fans. The Aloo patty and Chatpatta chaana patty were as Indian as any sandwich could ever get. We love Subway for these inclusions in its menu. What do you think?

Desi Food-subway Chatpata Channa Patty

Pic Credit-http://www.india.com/

#4 The Nimbu-Mirchi Pizza from Pizza Hut

Pizza hut celebrated its 15th anniversary in India with four new pizzas – Chicken Achari, Nimbu Mirchi, Chicken Jalfrezi and Chatpata veg Pizza. Pizza Hut has always been known for its very interesting and innovation pizzas, the experimenting crew did an amazing job with its 15th-anniversary pizzas.

Desi Food- Pizza Hut Nimbu Mirchi Pizza

Pic Credit-http://www.superbrandsindia.com

#5 Lays’ Masala magic

Any Indian who have never tried Lays’ Masala magic atleast once in their life? I don’t think so and that is why it deserves to be on the list. It is the most sold flavour in India and hence Masala magic is the most iconic example for every food chain ever. This is just how you win hearts.

Desi Foods Lay's Masala Magic

Pic Credit-http://foodmayhem.com

#6 KFC’s Currycature campaign

KFC’s Curry Crunch was a very innovative idea indeed, ‘curry crunch’  has a special Indian twist – the Indian spices that create the distinctive Indian curry with a lovely touch of the curry leaves.

Desi Food-Kfc curry crunch

Pic Credit-http://dealpulley.com/Vouchers.aspx

#7 McDonalds going the Masala Dosa way

The latest to change the norms of the normal burger was McDonalds with its new Masala Dosa burger. It definitely sounds very interesting and we hope it is as different and yummy as it sounds. Let’s have our food the desi style.

Desi food- Mcdonalds Masala Dosa

Pic Credit-http://www.mensxp.com/

Featured image: http://www.thenewsminute.com/

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