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April 1, 2017

7 Crazy Fans who took Fandom to another Level

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They follow everything the celebrity does, they leave no stone unturned to prove their star is the best but how far the obsession can go? Well, we have a Rajnikant temple and a fan barged into Sandra Bullock’s house with a machine gun. Fans can be really sweet but at the same time very crazy and at times dangerous. Here are 7 crazy fans that left us stunned.

#7 Man stays barefoot for the time Sanjay Dutt is in jail.

Sandeep Bacche, an auto rickshaw driver and a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt. Sandeep has a tattoo of the actor’s face on his arm and not just that, he also stayed barefoot for the time Sanjay Dutt was in jail. When Sanjay got to know about this obsessed fan of his, he arranged a meeting with him.

Crazy fans- Sanjay Dutt

Pic Credit-http://www.koimoi.com/

#6 A fan went on hunger strike to meet Salman Khan.

Salman Khan’s fans or not normal fans , they’re crazy fans. From writing letters in blood to buying 200 tickets for his films to make his film a blockbuster. However, Malik Babubhai Shishangiya takes fandom to a whole another level as he sat down for a hunger strike to meet Bhai.

Crazy Fans-Salman fan

#1 Rajinikant’s fan tried to commit suicide to donate a kidney to him.

A few years ago rumours grew that Rajini was suffering from kidney complications. A fan of his named Rajniraja Arockiasamy took an overdose of sleeping pill to kill himself. The 40-year old came up with the idea of suicide as he really wanted donate his kidney to his star, Rajinikant. Such a Jabra fan , isn’t he?

Crazy Fans-rajinikant

#4 The fan who has 15 tattoos on his body dedicated to Miley Cyrus.

Carl McCoid, a 39 year old from Bridlington, has spent over £500 to give a little tribute to Miley by getting inked. He has 15 tattoos all over his body dedicated to Miley Cyrus. The man who claims that a popstar helped him through a divorce and now says that Miley Cyrus is his wife. Okay so he’s officially the craziest of all crazy fans.

Crazy Fans- Miley cyrus

#3 A fan broke her leg to look like Jessie J.

A teenager and stalker of Jessie J  broke her own leg to look like the singer. The 24-year-old broke her leg in 2011 and her obsessive fan who wanted to look just like her broke her leg too. After this the stalker sent her a picture of the injured limb to the singer. The also found out Jessie’s private contact and texted her, “I will do anything to be just like you.” Okay girl , your fandom is way beyond creepy!

Crazy Fans-Jessi J

#2 The Superman fan who went under plastic surgery to just like him.

Herbert Chavez underwent a variety of surgeries  to alter his appearance to look like superman. Herbert’s first plastic surgery was in 1995. To achieve the transformation and has undergone a chin augmentation to give him Superman’s iconic cleft, rhinoplasty to transform his Asian nose into one more closely resembling Superman actor Christopher Reeves, silicone injections to his lips to make them fuller and thicker, and thigh implants to make his legs appear more muscular.
Crazy Fans- Superman

#1 Tried to assassinate the President to win over Jodi Foster.

When John Hinkley saw Jodi Foster in the movie Taxi Driver in 1976, he became obsessed with her. Hinckley moved close to the University  where Foster studies. He began sending poems and messages to her. To get her attention Hinckley conspired to assassinate the president of the United States. Hinckley’s iriginal target was Jimmy Carter but he was caught and arrested. In 1981, he tried again with hiz target the newly-elected President Ronald Reagan. He was arreste and remains at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Washington D.C. to this day. Calls to be the king of the crazy fans empire , doesn’t he?

Crazy Fans- John Hickley

Did these jabra fans made you cringe?

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