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April 10, 2016

 7 Cool Super Powers We All Wish We Had Someday

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super powers

Admit it or not, at some point in our life or the other, we all have run around the house with a cape (in the form of our mother’s precious dupattas tied around our neck), flying behind us, acting as though we are one of those incredible superheroes with amazing superpowers. No judgements here, there’s something just so magical about them. Whether one is a diehard fan of superheroes or not, the idea of having superpowers of our own fascinates us all. So, here we bring to you a list of the most amazing super powers one could die for. Let us know which super powers are you desperately wanting. Though we could not grant you that but still, we can share our crazy ideas.

#1 Invisibility

The idea of becoming invisible would have intrigued one’s mind at least once, especially after watching Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak. With the power of invisibility, one can vanish in thin air in seconds. Sneak out of the house without anyone noticing you and of course, play the weirdest pranks on your friends without getting caught. Who would not want to get this super power!

super powers


#2 Brain Power

This is the kind of superpower we all wish we have right before our exams. The power to absorb knowledge of the entire world in the blink of an eye and retain the same forever. We all think about this superpower and always want to have to score full marks.

super powers


#3 The power to heal

How we wish we have this power when we hurt ourselves or down with the flu and can’t have barf ka Gola. Isn’t this amusing?

super powers


#4 Be an Omnilingual

An omnilingual is a person who has the ability to understand all languages. If one had this superpower, you need not worry about the language barrier in an unknown place, just travel anywhere you want to. Now, this is my kind of superpower. I definitely want this as I want to learn every language.

super powers


#5 Weather Controller

Stop that rain during the cricket match or when you have shopping plans with your BFF. We all have wished for this power at least once.

super powers


#6 Reading people’s mind

Reading people’s mind would be a fun to superpower to have. You can know if your crush has a crush on you too or you can ace that tough subject because you know what your professor is thinking of asking in final exams! I wish we all had this and so nobody would dare to think bad about anyone.

super powers


#7 Time Manipulator

Haven’t we all at times wished that the time flew or that it just stopped for some time? With the superpower to manipulate time, there would be no more awkward moments; boring lectures would be shorter and happy times would last longer.

super powers


These were actually some of the greatest super powers we all wished we had. If this could be possible then what or with whom you would want to try these super powers on? Tell us your fantasies or ideas in the comments below.

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