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June 6, 2016

7 Best Parsi Restos To Trail In Mumbai

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I always recall the famous parsi tale of how they sought shelter in a kingdom with the example of adding sugar in a bowl full of milk,when the king indicated his denial to their acceptance and how the bawajis sweet nature helped them. Although this tale has nothing to do with the delicious food they have introduced and served us. I am a hardcore Mumbaikar and I can say for sure that Parsi restos are the only ones over ages who have still maintained their decorum and spice.

While you are at Mumbai or haven’t been to these yummy places make sure you have them on your list next time you go food hunting!!

#1 KYANI & Co.

One shouldn’t miss the Kayani breakfast consisting of   delicious Akoori, a Parsi style scrambled eggs on toast, keema pav, mutton burgers and fish and chips. Though Kyani is famous for its bun maska what entices you is the polished ebony chairs and wooden tables and the crisp table cloths. Situated opp Metro Cinema make sure you pay a visit here.



Situated on Ballard Road, Fort, Britannia stands on the must visit food joints of Mumbai. Famous for its berry pulao; the other famous dishes include Sali Boti and Fish Patra. Also if you got a sweet tooth then Caramel Custard and Chocolate Mousse are a must try.



In the hustling bustling Mumbai, if at all you need to make the time still, this is the perfect budget friendly place at Grant Road. The Irani Chai and the Famous delicious mawa cake make a perfect duo. Also the typical Irani bun maska and omletter pav would surely suffice your palate.



If you intend to experience the true parsi cultural food Jimmy Boy is what would suffice your needs. Near Horniman Circle, Fort it serves you dishes like, Lagan nu Bhonu, a three course Parsi meal with Dhansak, Patra ni Machhi, Sali Boti, Parsi pulao, rotis and the Lagan nu Custard. If you are confused about the names and have all the space in your tummy  try them all.



We have heard of bestseller books but Café Military has got bestseller  dishes too. Situated at Tamarind Lane, Fort; its Kheema Sali and Chicken Pulao have got die hard fans since ages. A caramel custard is a must try when you visit.


#6 Cafe  Excelsior

Mutton Cutlet and  Ice cream soda would leave your stomach totally full. Situated opp Excelsior Cinema this café  would make you linger for hours .


#7 Ideal Corner

This joint situated at Fort has an everyday menu, so if you are expecting a “Dhansak” here, alas! Try the Jerdaloo Sali Gosht, their soft milky rotis, the Chicken farcha or the Brain fry.


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