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April 19, 2016

7 Cool Batman Tattoo Ideas For Batman Lovers

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Lovers’ names and abstract tattoo designs will come and go but stories stay forever. All the Batman Lovers out there, imagine a symbol on your body that reminds you of your hero and helps you bring out the Hero within you!!

Comic lovers got such an eternal story and a character by the name of Batman and a string of other amazing characters from the books as well as the movies. Batman is not only Gotham’s but our hero too. Despite being a part of the superhero franchise, Batman is a hero who is human. We have seen him go from human to hero, his journey, his fears and his fight make us realise how if our will is strong enough we can bring out the hero within us. So, why not tattoo something that taught us so much and will stay with us forever and be our best escape in our weak moments, pick us up to become headstrong again. Here are 7 cool Batman tattoo ideas for the Batman Lovers:

#1 Batman and the fear he overcame

This tattoo is a constant reminder of how our fears are and how if we overcome them, show us what we truly are. This tattoo looks beautiful with half of Batman’s face and the other half with bats flying. It is the perfect mix of all things dark and beautiful and it could also be tried with white and black ink mixed if one doesn’t want to get think inked in black wholly,we’re pretty sure it would look amazing and would make one of the cool tattoos!

Batman Lovers: When He Overcame His Fead


#2 Gotham through Bat Eyes

This one is a beautiful silhouette of the symbol Batman is known by and the city he lives for- Gotham. We, batman lovers are much like the citizens of Gotham waiting for our own Batman to come and save the world from all the miseries around us and this gotham city tattoo beautifully captures the hero protecting his city. It will also tun out to be an amazing tattoo design for girls.



#3 Hahahahahaha

This half Batman half Joker tattoo design is perfect for those who probably see the two as two sides of the same coin. Batman is incomplete without the Joker, one of the most loved villains of all times. How can we leave him out and this tattoo captures just that!



#4 A Touch Of Van Gogh

This tattoo design is so beautiful and should be done only in good hands. This captures Batman and his Gotham, recreated in Gogh’s The Starry Night.



If you know a super skilled perfectionist tattoo artiste, go to her/him for getting this amazing tattoo done.

#5 Joker

Here’s to all the funky tattoo lovers and Joker fans, try this design out. It will make one of the best tattoo designs.



#6 Comic Geek

A perfect tattoo idea for the comic bookworm, get a sleeve tattoo with your favourite comic portion of batman inked on you for life and take in the tattoo inspiration that can flow.



#7 For the minimalist

Here is a design for people who love minimalist designs. This is one of the coolest designs ever and we’re sure you’ll love it.



Did the designs rekindle the Batlover in you? Go get inked and let your superhero be with you, in you, forever! And if you are avid reader and want to get a quote inked from your favorite classic then click here for some cool ideas.

Featured Image Source: http://geektyrant.com

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