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June 4, 2016

7 Barbarous Dictators the World Has Ever Known

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“Every time a dictator dies, or an atrocity is perpetrated, or details of the torture endured by those who lived through one regime or another escapes to the outside world, invariably the cry goes up that this must never be allowed to happen again. The unsavory fact is, however, that it does happen again, over and over, from one continent to another.”

-Shelley Klein.

The World has faced instances of humanity, faith, justice and power in the drapery of dictatorship. Many have suffered undeniably under this leadership and yet the world we live in today would not be the same without them; worst or better , none can be predicted.

And every dictator was as treacherous and cruel as the other. The people have witnessed dictatorship and the stories of their brutality linger in history till date. While Adolf Hitler is one such dictator who has topped the list of inhumane leaders, many such bestial dictators are still looked down upon in the history of mankind for their pitiless acts, never to be recreated.

#1 Vlad the Impaler [1431-1476/77]

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, posthumously dubbed as Vlad the Impaler had a great association with vampires and Dracula and seemed to be greatly inspired by them, he made it to the list not for the number of killings but the cold-blooded and merciless torture of his subjects during his reign. He enjoyed impaling his subjects. He would insert a wood or metal pole through the body. It is estimated that he killed nearly 40,000 to 100,000 people.

#2 Josef Stalin [1878-1953]

After Lenin’s death , Stalin became the Communist leader of the Soviet Union. In an effort to bring the new economy by initiating Five-Year Economic Plan, it eventually led to the starvation of nearly 10 million people. With many intellectuals and activists not in favor of his leadership, Stalin also launched the “Great Purge”, killing every man who opposed him and his ideals.

#3 Mao Zedong [1893-1976]

A Chinese communist leader Mao killed nearly 49 million people as a result of his policies and atrocities. Within the first five years of his rule he ended up killing nearly 4 to 6 million, sentencing them to death and labor camps. Several propagandas and movements such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are said to have caused around 20 million deaths due to starvation.

#4 Kim II Sung [1912-1994]

Kim II Sung was the communist dictator of North Korea  for  49 years and ended killing nearly 3 million people. He lost respect from his people and degraded himself so far that he ended up blaming the US for the nation’s suffering, spreading the news that the biggest superpower has spread an epidemic throughout the countryside. One of the tortures made famous in his camps was making a prisoner kneel in a box motionless for months until death.

#5 Pol Pot [1925-1998]

The Communist leader of Cambodia, Pol Pot is responsible for killing approximately 1 to 3 million people. He forced people into labor, where most died from malnutrition, poor medical care, starvation,and even execution. Many were clubbed to death or buried alive. Workers who made mistakes were publicly flogged to death or shot. He even executed about 2.5 million people who were not following his ideals.

#6 Idi Amin [1925-2003]

Amin was also known as  the “Butcher of Uganda”; in his rule of eight years (1971 to 1979),  roughly half a million people lost their lives in extrajudicial killings and genocide. Amin ordered the Asian population out of Uganda, declaring an “economic war” on them and blaming them for the country’s economic woes. As Asians left the country, businesses were closed and the economy worsened. He also killed people in the most heinous ways ever.

#7 Saddam Hussein [1937-2006]

One of the most famous dictator of the 21st century, Saddam Hussein carried out mass decimation against the Kurds, Shabaks, Assyrians, Madeans, and other ethnic groups. He made use of chemical weapons for killing his victims. He often recorded the torture of his victims and replayed during his dinner for amusement. Nearly 2 million people have died at his hands.

And so as Adolf  Hitler says:

 “If you don’t like a rule, just follow it,

        Reach on the top, and change the rule…”

*Only by following a humanitarian and democratic way*

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