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March 10, 2017

7 Badass Villains We Love To Hate

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Since the time movies are made there is a trend which is quite evidently seen in the movies’ plots, irrespective of their genre. The movies generally have a ‘good guy’ who is more commonly referred to as the hero and a ‘bad guy’ who is called the villain. And when the movie ends, the good guy wins and the bad guy perishes. While people do idolize the hero, well for his fair means and heroic acts, in the recent times villains too have managed to steal the hearts of audiences. It could be either because of their backstory, their conviction or their brilliant acting, while some easily relate to their backstory and understand their actions and others are simply in love with their acting.

We bring to you 7 such villains whom we hate like we love them:

#1 The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’
The nemesis of Batman in the movie ‘The Dark Knight’, The Joker has managed to gain quite a fan following. Played by the very talented (and unfortunately deceased) actor Heath Ledger, The Joker is shown as a dangerously mentally unbalanced character whose only aim is to bring chaos in the Gotham City.

#2 Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars’
You know that this character is one of a kind when he appears through laser fire smoke in the very first movie. The iconic black helmet, cloak and his mechanical breathing makes him one of the most iconic villain of all time. Prophesied to bring the much needed balance to the world, Darth Vader falls to the dark side. Darth Vader would always, always be a character who everyone fantasizes about.

#3 Lord Voldemort in ‘Harry Potter’ Series
The cruelest wizard ever to live and the archenemy of Harry Potter – Lord Voldemort. Even though he did not fail to scare people with his nose less face, dull cloak and pale skin, he would always be one of the villains we would never forget.

#4 Hans Gruber in ‘Die Hard’
With Alan Rickman playing the role of a villain one can already guess how amazing it would be. This internationally feared terrorist from Germany was greatly loved by his audience. For all those who have not seen ‘Die Hard’ yet, it’s a must watch. We bet you won’t be able to help but fall for the antagonist of the story – Hans Gruber.

#5 Hannibal Lecter in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’
The perfect villain would be the one who can be charming enough to his audience and dreadful enough to run a chill down their spine. This highly intelligent yet barbaric Dr. Hannibal Lecter is known for his fondness for cannibalism. This perfectly scripted and amazingly performed villain has a huge fan following.

#6 The Green Goblin in ‘Spider- Man’
When you see the goblin mask, a hovering disc and poisonous gas being sprayed on people, you know for sure that the archenemy of Spiderman is here. He was once a rich scientist whose formula backfired, and that turned him into an unhinged character that we know. Despite all his evil plans to destroy mankind, Goblin would surely be loved by all.

#7 Magneto in ‘X-Men’
This villain has the power to control magnetic fields and manipulate them. The primary rival of X-Men, his plans and actions against the human world are extremely vicious. He is loved by his fans for his ruthlessness and the splendid master mind that he is.

These and many more charismatic and evilly intriguing villains would always make us go head over heels for them. It’s not always that the audience roots for the protagonist. While we may not really love what these baddies do, we definitely love to see them do it.

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