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August 27, 2017

7 ‘Alag’ Restaurants within India You Must Try

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Do you consider yourself a foodie? If yes, have you scrutinized all types of restaurants or you just stick to your favorite one?

Every day we eat, eat and eat, but do you remember which day you eat what and where. Here, we are not talking about what you ate today, yesterday or last week and last month, we are emphasizing on years back!  Pretty sure that right now you have a grinning face! However, if you ate at a different restaurant, a different menu or in a different setting you would surely remember the date, month, years and also what was on your plate and who accompanied you.

In this article, we will introduce several restaurants where you will experience an amazing setting and style for a change from the usual regular monotonous ones found.

#1 Hijackk Café- Ahmedabad

A lunch date on a mobile restaurant bus, how it feels? Hijack Café, will be tattooed in your brain forever and ever. Enjoy a ride in the city with your family or loved one, enjoying a delicious meal. The café is an air conditioned double decker bus which can accommodate forty-four people. So the grab the occasion of a birthday or any special event and give your families a memorable treat.

#2 New Lucky Restaurant- Ahmedabad

Ever imagined eating in a cemetery? Scary but tempting! The New Lucky restaurant offers you the opportunity to do so. Praise the thoughts of Krishnan Kutti, the mind behind the café. Courageous and fearless Mr. Kutti decided to keep the grave and built his café among the dead. Drop by the place and grab the famous rolls and sip the authentic milky milk.

#3 Nature’s Toilet Café- Ahmedabad

Ever thought of sitting on a toilet while eating? Well, Nature’s Toilet café gives you the experience to do so!  The café has about twenty lavatory seats dated from the 1950s where you take a sit and gulp your meal. This innovation was inspired by Mr. Narendra Modi’s Swaachh Bharat campaign and initiated.

#4 Minus 6 Degrees –Kolkata

Many people dream of visiting cold places like Shimla, Manali where it snows where they can have a romantic dinner or enjoy the cold. Minus 6 Degrees made it possible while staying in the scorching hot city of Kolkata. It is the only place where you have to wear gloves and coats for a meal. Beautifully decorated with blocks of ice, the place serves excellent cocktails in ice glasses.

Looking for rooftop restaurants in Kolkata or Tangra Chinese restaurants? Check out these rooftop and chinese restaurants.

#5 70 mm –Hyderabad

This amazing place gives you a Bollywood studio feeling where you feel surrounded by film starts poster and film posters. If you are a big Bollywood fan you will never disappoint with the amazing setting and if you are a real foodie the buffet can fill your stomach for the whole day. Check out these cinema-themed restaurants and cafe in India.

#6 Taste of Darkness- Hyderabad

The Nawabi city brings a very usual setting to eat in total darkness. What is more intruding is that Taste of Darkness does not have a proper menu to choose from. The only options are whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Accordingly, you will be given a meal which you will not even see. To add to your fear, the place has a shaking bridge which you need to cross before getting in.

#7 The Bar Stock Exchange- Mumbai

The only restaurant without a fixed price, rather it works according to the stock market principle! The Bar Stock Exchange, regulate their prices depending on their demand. That is, if many customers are ordering a meal, the meal price raises and contrary it lowers if the meal has no high demand. The place also has a very influential setting which definitely makes someone feels like a business person involving in trade.

#8 Kaidi Kitchen- Chennai

Eat in jail! This place has a setting giving each of its customers the feeling to be in jail. The restaurant has small rooms closed with the black iron bars and a table inside. The waiters are dressed as jailers and inmates. It is also the only jail where you will be referred as Madam or Sir and where you have to pay the bill.

Once upon a time, everyone needs to get away from the monotonous routine and experience something different “alag’’ which will always be memorable and enriching.

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