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April 5, 2017

6 Ways To Recycle Toothbrush In Your Beauty Regime

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Extremely helpful and cheap, your old toothbrush could work as your magic wand and it’s about time you should add it to your Beauty Regime.

After every few weeks/months, when toothbrush is no longer as hard and effective as it was before,  you buy a new and a better one for obvious hygienic reasons, and you throw away the old one. Now here is a suggestion, do not throw it away (Also, do not recycle toothbrush to clean your pair of white sneakers like i do) instead use it in your beauty regime as a multipurpose beauty equipment.

NOTE: Do not forget to disinfect your brush after every use


Toothbrushes could prove very effective in exfoliating areas like the elbows and the knees. Not only will it soften the skin of the aforementioned areas but also remove the dead skin cells. Use a good homemade exfoliator clubbed with scrubbing it with your toothbrush at least twice a week for visible results. I personally use lemon juice mixed with sugar granules in my beauty regime, it helps in de-tanning and makes the skin glow.

Beauty Regime elbow and knees



We spend so much money and time for our facial beauty regime, completely overlooking one of the most delicate and important part, the lips. Next time you are done with brushing your teeth, take your old brush, smear the bristles with vaseline or lip balm of your choice and massage your lips with it for over a minute slowly. Not only will this remove the dead skin cells but will also improve the blood circulation, leaving the lips cleaner and more plump. You can also use a lip scrubs (which you can buy or make at home) to exfoliate your lips according to your need. Here is the recipe of the lip scrub i use in my beauty regime –

Mix some sugar and several drops of honey on your brush and scrub your lips in circular motions for 3 minutes. Wipe off with a washcloth.

Beauty Regime lips



We all have those days where our hair become very damp and oily. In order to get a little more volume, use your toothbrush to strategically backcomb and tease hair into a fuller shape than before. Use a hairspray on your brush to tame fly-aways, you can also use dry shampoo on your brush to get rid of the oil altogether. Since I stay away from harmful chemical products,  I use homemade beauty products.

Here is one of the tips to beautiful hair- Smear your brush with a little cocoa powder and brush it on the roots of your hair for a few minutes. Bonus: Hair smells delicious.

Beauty Regime hair teasing



When getting on with our eye makeup, we ignore minor errors, which actually affect our look to a great extent. Here is how to correct them-

a. De-clumping your lashes: in order to get the perfect dramatic lashes, they often get piled up with layers of mascara, use your toothbrush to brush it upwards and remove clumps, giving them a perfect finish.

b. Tame your brows: tame your unruly brows by brushing them over, you can also use a hairspray on your brush to make them stay this way.

Beauty Regime lashes and brows



Keeping your nails neat and clean could be a tough task, especially when you have longer nails. Use your brush to maintain  your nails. Take a little soap water (mix your hand wash or soap with water) and smear it on your toothbrush. Brush away all the dirt and rinse off with  warm water. You  can also use your brush to apply cuticle oil (I use castor oil for my beauty regime) for healthy nails.

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Beauty Regime nails



With the high levels of pollution and dust (plus with summers making it’s comeback with warm and sweaty days), whiteheads and blackheads are a very common (and irritating) problem. Scrubbing is one of the best ways to remove dirt, blackheads, dead skin cells, whiteheads and to unclog pores. Here are the scrubs i use for my beauty regime –

For blackheads –  Take a pea-sized amount of your regular toothpaste on your brush and scrub the affected areas for a minute or so, wash it off with cold water.

For whiteheads – Smear your brush with a few drops of olive oil mixed in one teaspoon of sugar, rub it for 5 to 10 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Beauty Regime nose


Hope you found these diy natural beauty tips of my personal beauty regime helpful. Now go ahead and try these super incredible toothbrush hacks!

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