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November 6, 2016

6 Unknown Freedom Fighters of India

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Indian flag freedom fighters

We only know about few freedom fighters who fought in Indian freedom struggle. There were many other individuals who fought for freedom but are hardly known to us. These 6 freedom fighters of India made significant contribution to India’s struggle for independence and deserve respect that hasn’t been given to them.

#1 Binoy, Badal & Dinesh

The freedom fighters Badal Gupta, Dinesh Gupta and Benoy Basu were the legendary heroes for their attack on the Dalhousie Square in Kolkata. The three of them targeted to murder the malicious  Inspector General of Prison,  Col N.S. Simpson to strike dread into the hearts of British rulers. They entered the Writers’ Building  in Dalhousie Square, Kolkata disguised as Europeans and fulfilled their mission. Three of them bravely greeted death. Badal, by poisoning himself while both Binoy and Dinesh shot themselves to death.

Benoy-Badal-Dinesh-trio freedom fighters


#2 Birsa Munda

This unsung legend was the leader of the ‘Munda Revolt’. The rebellion of the tribals under the leadership of Birsa was successful to strike terror within the European Government. Though he died at the young age of 25, he inspired a lot of people to follow in his footsteps.

Birsa_Munda freedom fighters


#3 Matangini Hazra

This old woman took an active part in ‘Quit India’ movement. The brave lady believed in the cause to the core of her heart, and was not at all afraid for her life. She joined the Indian Freedom movement in 19o5. In September of 1942, she led a procession of six thousand people to win over the Tamluk Police Station. The unsung spirited patriot sacrificed her life when the British shot her to death.

matangini freedom fighters

#4 Rash Behari Bose

His contribution in the fight for Indian freedom is not highlighted at all. We barely give him the respect and credit he deserves. After a failed revolution at the time of 1st world war, when most of the revolutionaries were arrested by the police, Rash Behari Bose managed to escape the country in disguise. He reached Japan in 1915 and created Indian National Army (INA) on 1st of September, 1942. He also assisted Subhas Chandra Bose with this ferocious army.

Rash Behari Bose freedom fighters


#5 Khudiram Bose

The youngest of martyrs,  Khudiram Bosewas hanged at the age of 17 by the British rulers. This brave-heart targeted to kill Kingsford, by bombing his carriage, but accidentally two European women died in the bombing. He was hanged to death on 11th August 1908.

Khudiram_Bose freedom fighters


#6 Rani Gaidinliu

One of the few female freedom fighters, whose name has been forgotten with the independence of the country. She was a Naga political and spiritual leader. This unknown freedom fighter of India led a revolt against the British and strongly stood against the conversion of Naga practitioners to Christianity. This Padma Bhushan awardee joined the Hereka religious movement initiated by her cousin when she was only 13. This later turned into a political movement that tried to drive the British away from Manipur and nearby Naga regions. At 16, she was put into life imprisonment. In 1937, Nehru gave her the title ‘Rani’. She was released in 1947 after which she continued to perform her noble work.

freedom fighters rani


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