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February 20, 2017

6 Unforgettable Alfred Hitchcock Classics That You Must Watch

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Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock remains one of the most influential filmmaker. His movies were nail-biting with a twisted end. His execution of the complex criminal mind remains unmatched. He has not only given the world classic thriller movies but has invented new camera effects and techniques that made his movies unforgettable.

A classic horror film has ghosts and creatures that have their scary effect till the time you are watching the movie. A psychological thriller/horror movies are not scary and you may even laugh after watching the movie but these movies make you ponder. They have an ever-lasting effect and can give you chills.

These 6 unforgettable classics are some of his best works and a must-watch if you love suspense/psychological thriller.

#6 Notorious [1946]

Government agent T. R. Devlin [Cary Grant] approaches the daughter of a convicted Nazi spy Alicia Huberman [Ingrid Bergman] to gain access into a group of Nazis who are residing in Brazil after World War II and under suspicion of planning severe war crime. She persuades Alex Sebastian [Clause Rains], one of the suspects, who also happens to be in love with her in order to penetrate the gang.

Intriguing plot, exceptional storytelling and scintillating chemistry between the lead actors made it a must watch for all.

#5 Spellbound [1945]

Dr. Anthony Edwards [Gregory Peck], the new director at Green Manor, a mental hospital has a phobia of seeing parallel lines on white background. Soon after psychoanalyst Dr. Constance Petersen [Ingrid Bergman] discovers the man is not the one he says he is. He confesses to her he has killed the real Dr. Edwards. However, he suffers from amnesia and does not remember how, when and where he had committed this crime.

Unpredictable storyline and unforeseen twists in this psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your chair.

#4 The Birds [1963]

Melanie Daniels [Tippi Harden] travels to a small town of Northern Carolina to meet Mitch Benner [Rod Taylor]. She is attacked by a seagull when she arrives. Soon after, the entire town is attacked by birds of different species. In this movie, Hitchcock excelled himself. We do warn the faint hearts. After watching this movie you might develop an acute phobia of birds.

#3 Dial M for Murder [1954]

Tony Wendice [Ray Milland] blackmails a criminal C.A Swann [Anthony Dawson] to murder his wife Margot [Grace Kelly] after knowing she’s having an illicit affair. The plan goes wrong when Margot kills Swann in self defense. In an attempt to make things right, Tony constructs a chain of deceit and traps everyone in it.

#2 The Lady Vanishes [1938]

While returning to England from a vacation Iris Henderson [Margaret Lockwood] suffers a blow in the head which was planned for someone else. With the help of an elderly lady, Miss Froy, Iris manages to catch the train. As she wakes up the next morning Iris finds Miss Froy, who was also on the board, has disappeared from the train and none in the compartment is accepting the existence of anyone of the same name. Was there really any Miss Froy or it was just an imagination of Iris’s disturbed mind.

The captivating flow of the events that gradually unravel the mystery keeps you glued to the screen.

#1 Rebecca [1940]

A young naive woman [Joan Fontaine] marries a wealthy and charming Maxim de Winter [Laurence Olivier] and moves to his country house. She is immediately plagued by memories of Maxim’s deceased wife Rebecca. Rebecca’s formless presence in her life leads her to reveal the unspoken secrets that her husband is trying to cover up.

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