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March 27, 2017

6 Most Trolled Bollywood Celebrities

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Few would say that it’s their cheap publicity stunt or few would say that everyone is a human and humans make mistakes, but whatever may be the case, there are few Bollywood celebrities who are more popular due to their memes, than their acting. In this eagle- eyed social media world even a slight mistake is highlighted many folds. So, imagine about the plight of Bollywood celebrities who say or do something meme- worth! Well, guess what, they all got trolled till eternity. But not every celebrity is lucky to be spoofed or trolled!

Here’s the list of 6 lucky most trolled celebrities!

#1 Kamaal Rashid Khan

There are few who get trolled due to their mistakes but this 42 year- old chap, KRK spends his free time (No movies, eh?) plotting the ways by which his tweet would fetch him a new troll about him. Not everyone has this talent and prowess, Kamaal hai Ji!

bollywood celebrities - Kamaal R Khan


#2 Alia Bhatt

After this cute Bollywood princess blurted out Prithviraj Chavan as the answer for the President of India, the nation had a 2- minute silence for the departure of her general knowledge. Though she gave various reasons for her fallacy later on (We totally believe you, Alia!), it was hard to digest the fact that sitting in Maharashtra and being an Indian she could do this. From there on, she has been awarded, for this courageous act, endless memes and trolls. And she never fails to top the list of most trolled Bollywood celebrities.

bollywood celebrities - Alia Bhatt


#3 Sonam Kapoor

The Miss Sophisticated lady, Sonam Kapoor often land up in the troll world due to her extra- extrovert personality and when that doesn’t help out, her outfits drag her there. She raced up the troll charts when she mixed meat ban in Mumbai with misogyny, making the people question her sense of awareness.

bollywood celebrities - Sonam Kapoor


#4 Rakhi Sawant

All set to challenge KRK in ways to get trolled, Rakhi Sawant has been an old player in this trolling world. She has become the senior one in this game. From devising various frivolous entertaining acts to forming a political party having Hari Mirchi as the election symbol, she has done it all! Frankly speaking, even the trollers are at peace with her as they know that she would make one troll on herself periodically, without their help.

bollywood celebrities - rakhi


#5 Alok Nath

Alok Nath Ji is the most innocent being in this list who did not do anything meme-worthy other than simply acting out his role. Thanks to the Bollywood industry for stereotyping his role of Sanskaari which dragged him in this list. His consistency in acting out the role of an ideal father has brought him many trolls on daily basis.

bollywood celebrities - alok-nath


#6 Himesh Reshammiya

Popular for singing from his nose, Himesh has been trolled even before these online social media trolls sprouted. But, he gained popularity in this meme world, when he tried acting out in a film The Xpose. Thanks to his nasal singing, and now acting, he gets many trolls on him, generously.

bollywood celebrities - Himesh-Reshammiya


This is a limited list. Pour out more names of celebs that come under this category of most trolled celebrities and comment below!

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