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August 7, 2016

6 Things To Do When Bored

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It definitely happens with everyone. The days when we finally have some spare time but we cannot decide what to do. The days when we are so plagued by boredom that we cannot decide upon something that we may indulge in to make the time well spent and productive. So, let’s get our creative juices flowing and figure out some really productive things one can do when they don’t know what to do.

#1 Discover a new hobby

Try a new hobby. Give something new a chance when you are having a day filled with boredom and there’s a no one around to make it better. It could be something you wanted to try your hand at since a very long time or probably something you just thought of, always wanted to try your hand at photography? Grab a camera and run along capturing the world through your snaps. Have confidence and belief in yourself that you can learn something new. Try pushing yourself to higher levels, who knows? You might end up with something new to tell everyone.

#2 Cook something

Someone has rightly said ‘Cooking gives the most delightful pleasures’, so why not have a taste of it. Try cooking something that you like. Food is something that gives bundles of happiness and makes you feel better. Bake a cake, fry those eggs or just toast that toast. Cook your way out of boredom.

#3 Write your own journal

We have all at one point of time have tried to keep a journal but somewhere, somehow just lost the habit of writing it down. Well, here’s the chance to open that old dusty book and just letting your ideas and flow from your pen on to the page. One could also try writing on their own blog or maybe a book.

#4 Go explore:

Get out of our house and go explore the world around you, discover new things. Find the hidden wonderful places in your city, try a new cuisine or discover new shops. A day spent in exploring the unknown is day well spent.

#5 Organize

When in boredom, try organizing things. Probably a room that you have been wanting to organize since a very long time or probably that desk which is full of clutter or the messed up drawer. Here’s the chance to something meaningful and productive on a day when you have nothing to do. Organizing stuff relaxes our minds and takes a lot of time, ultimately helping us deal with boredom.

#6 Start a movie marathon

A movie marathon is the trick that always works. Invite over a few friends of yours and let the marathon begin. Best for the days when it’s probably snowing or raining outside and you can do none but stay at home and watch some movies. So, had the Game of Thrones series waiting to be watched or do you the Star Wars movies on DVD? Grab some popcorns and stay up all night on a movie marathon.

So next time when you get paralyzed by boredom you know that there are a list if things you can try out, because at times we really do need those “I have nothing to do” days to do things we have been meaning to do since a long time.

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