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August 10, 2016

6 Super Thrilling World War Movies Every History Lover Must Watch

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The world wars were devastating; they brought nothing but wretchedness and death. And more often than not, a chain of events triggered these wars. Now, we were not there to witness them so let’s take a look at some movies which have truly captured as to what had happened and how it had happened during the two most destructive events in the history of mankind.

#1 The Imitation Game

It is a fitting tribute to one of the most brilliant minds of that time. Alan Turing’s work greatly helped in defeating the Nazis and it is believed that it shortened the war by 2-4 years! You really have to watch the movie and understand its importance!

#2 Saving Private Ryan

This movie set the standard to be upheld for other war-based movies as well, it was that good! In the movie, Captain John Miller is assigned the task of finding Private James Ryan, whose three brothers were killed in the war. You just can’t afford to miss this one.

#3 Days of Glory

This movie is based on the story of North African soldiers. Although it is not that good but it still managed to make the French government agree on paying compensation to the widows of those soldiers – a direct political impact!

#4 Downfall

 This is the film to watch if you want to know about how Hitler and the Nazis ultimately fell – it is one of the best WWII movies! His psychic meltdown and his final days as the Nazi army falls during the mid-1945 is all depicted beautifully.

#5 Valkyrie

 All of us believe that all the German soldiers stood with Hitler, they were bad. But this movie sheds some light on those who took a stand against Hitler and I am not saying the rest!

#6 Fury

 You all must have heard about this one. It’s based on the perspective of a bruised and battered tank crew and a new recruit. And, be prepared for anything to happen!

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