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February 15, 2017

6 Friendhood Rules That You Must Never Break

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Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone

It is often said and is a known perception that women are complicated. It is hard to decode what they say but there is one person in their life that can help solve this mystery. An individual overlooked but is always with her; makes her smile; partner in crime; secret holder; always for her. This particular individual is not her hubby or her mother. This individual is her best friend who will always be there for her no matter what.

But relationships are like a pearl string. If you hold it too hard or too easy, then it will break/weaken. To build that everlasting bond, you must never break these 6 friendhood rules.

#1 Sisters before Misters

Always be there for your best friend and especially in time when she needs you. Your boyfriend or husband will completely understand when you need to give her that extra attention. Balance your relationship but don’t be love-struck girlfriend who can’t see beyond her boyfriend.

#2 Sharing is Caring

You don’t like to share your belongings? Well, then you need to work on building this bond stronger. Our best friend is someone with whom we are comfortable with sharing anything. You won’t stop to blink and think when she asks you to borrow something.

#3 Secret Holder

Never be that gossip monger. Your best friend is sharing her secret because she trusts you. By telling sharing her secret with someone else you are violating the friendhood rule. Always remember she shared her darkest secret with you because she trusts you.

#4 Give her space

While you need to be with her when she needs you, you need to give her that space when she needs it. If she is not willing to speak or is reserved, then let her be. When she will feel better, she will share with you anyways. Just don’t nag her or lurk around her.

#5 Positive Criticism

Criticism after a point of time becomes a taunt or a nag. If you tell her that she does not look flattering in that dress, then tell her once. Don’t ruin the evening by reminding her every instance. You may feel I am being open and giving my opinion, but remember you already gave your opinion. There is no point in reiterating it. Always remember – we choose friends who are little similar to us. 

#6 Take a stand

You notice a group ganging up against or you are at a party and the group starts to back-bite behind her back. Do you stay quiet or do you join the back-biting? If you participate in either action then you are disrespecting your friend and your relationship. Relationships are delicate and are built on trust.

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