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August 31, 2016

Nomophobia: 6 Early Signs That You Are A Nomophobic

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Nomophobia is the fear (phobia) of being without your mobile phone. It is derived from No Mobile Phone Phobia. Well, it may sound little funky but yes now scientist have accepted this term as a phobia and a lot of us are victim.

What Exactly is Nomophobia?

Are you one of those who has to take the phone even when you have to lighten yourself (when you are at home)? The phone has to be in your pocket or in your hand? If you have answered yes, then you might be from nomophobia. You are obsessed with your phone and can not be without it for a moment.

According to researchers, around 66 percent of people are affected with nomophobia and this number is increasing every day. Today’s youth is much more affected by this cell phone addiction. High school and college students are more into their mobiles now.

Nomophobia Test: 6 Signs That You Are a Nomophobic

Here are the early symptoms of nomophobia.

#1 You cannot live without phone’s charger

Your phone charger is your BFF. Your phone battery drains out too quickly because you have a tendency to keep fidgeting with your phone every second due to your smartphone addiction.

Charging Nomophobia

#2 No internet on your phone?

There is absolutely no life without Internet! Either you are always on 3G or you are the first person to connect to free WiFi. You don’t like it when your phone goes on ‘E‘.

Without Internet Nomophobia

#3 No coverage? No Life!

Even when you are expecting no call, you get absolutely annoyed when your phone goes on no service. Your fingers run to restart your phone or play with your phone settings.

 No Signal Nomophobia

#4 Finding Charging Outlet is Your Mission

Because your phone’s batter drains out much faster, you are always searching for a charging outlet. If you are at a restaurant and don’t find an outlet near you, then you will hand your phone to waiter to get it charged.

Charging Slot Nomophobia

#5 Screen On/Off

You check your phone in every 2 minutes- 5 minutes. No matter if any notification has come or not, it is your responsibility to check your phone.

Mobile Addict Nomophobia

#6 You are your group’s phone techie

You might don’t know anything around you but all thanks to  phone’s latest updates, you know them all.

Group Techie Nomophobia

Nomophobia is a real problem among the youth. If you are a nomophobic or are on verge of becoming one, then we recommend you to go through a nomophobia treatment. The way we give our tummy a break from junk and bad food, now its time to give  ourselves a digital detox. Smartphone addiction can be dangerous and it can not only prevent you from achieving your aims but also make you really sick. Cell phones have some really bad effects on body. If you found these tips relatable, then you might also be suffering from nomophobia. We do not want you to suffer, people! It’s high time you get rid of that phone pf yours (mommy rantings, but seriously)! Click here to learn how to digital detox yourself.

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