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June 2, 2016

6 Refreshing Coolants to Beat Heat This Summer

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Temperatures are soaring and the heat has become unbearable these days. It is extremely important to stay hydrated during the summer. While regular water may get boring and drinks like soda, Tang and Rooh-Afza just give temporary relief from the thirst, it can become challenging to drink recommended water quantity during summer. HookedUpon brings you 6 refreshing coolants that are different from your everyday coolants and are equally easy to make at home.

#6 Refreshing Yogurt

Yogurt is very healthy in summer. It is loaded with probiotics which encourages the growth of healthy gut flora. With the help of yogurt, you can make parfait, smoothies, masala chaas, lassi and frozen yogurt. For mango frozen yogurt – blend 1 cup frozen mango, 1/4th cup yogurt and 1/2 tbsp honey in a food processor/juicer. You could either serve it immediately or freeze it for half an hour.


#5 Neer Nariyal Shikanji

Who doesn’t love to have a glass of nariyal pani or shikanji in summer? What if we mix these two drinks to make a new one? It’s not at all difficult. You just need green coconut, lemon juice, sugar, mint, coconut milk and blue curacao. Just mix all these ingredients and garnish them with lemon wedge and mint. Your chilled drink is ready to be served.

#4 Muffarah

This is a very popular drink of Lucknow. Apart from its delicious taste it works well for digestion. It is prepared with saffron, sandalwood, kewra and cypriol, which is an herb also known as nagarmotha. This herb is the perfect mixture with the Awadhi cuisine, responsible for the digestion.

#3 Bael Sherbet

This drink is considered to be a boon during the summers. It is not only an excellent cooler for summer but its natural properties will also keep you away from heat or loo (heat wave). Being a very common drink it can be prepared at home very easily with a very few simple ingredients like, bael fruit, water and sugar. This also acts as an energy booster.

#2 Jigarthanda

Names like this are a great relief during summers. The very name of the drink suggests that it is a cold drink which gives relieve to your heart. This is one of the well known drinks of Madurai. Its one sip will make you forget about ice cream.

#1 Aam Panna

Mangoes are a must have during summers. Aam Panna or also known as Aam Porar Shorbot in west Bengal is a lip smacking drink to taste. Prepared with green mangoes and lightly spiced with rock salt and roasted cumins this is a very sweet and tangy drink to have. It also controls our appetite and digestion system. Another delicious drink made from your favorite mango is Mango Tango Cocktail which is a must try for the overbearing summers!!

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