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August 10, 2016

6 Reasons to watch out for Fashionista ‘Alisha’

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She’s bold, she’s smart, she’s a total fashionista. Alisha makes a statement as a fashion detective, who is kicked out of Fashion School in California. Alisha knows how to carry herself and does not care what you think of her. She knows if you wore fake Gucci’s today and can deduce the details of your lipshade, down to the very brand and colour. A silent observer, she has planned out big dreams and knows how to achieve them.

Alisha – played by Lianne Texeira – is a fictional web-series by Blush and is associated with Lakme and BeBeautiful. Here are 6 reasons why you need to watch ‘Alisha’ right now:

#1 She’s trendy.
Alisha has a nose for Fashion that makes her the perfect fashion police. She knows what’s wrong with your outfit. She will send you shopping for the latest fashion trend.

#2 She solves mysteries.
Alisha is Sherlock Holmes’ female counterpart. Along with her best friend Tanny, she solves various mysteries from missing gowns, to missing purses and the mystery of Alfia Romani.

#3 She’s accessible.
‘Alisha’ is a web series on the ever-available YouTube. Say goodbye to watching the clock for when your favourite show comes on TV. Simply log onto YouTube and search for ‘Alisha’ to experience twenty minutes of awesomeness.


#4 She inspires career goals.
Calling all Fashion enthusiasts: Alisha is a blaring siren ready to hand out fashion tips and point you in the right direction – whether you aspire to be a great fashion detective or a humble blogger.

#5 She’ll play you like a fiddle.
Alisha does not take ‘No’ from anyone. She knows how to play you to get what she wants. You cannot mess with her.

#6 She is the epitome of the modern.
Alisha is no dumb blonde. She serves justice in her high heels, trendy dress and her bright, manicured nails. Her outfits are must-haves for every girl.

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