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September 16, 2016

6 quotes on Tumblr you’ll absolutely love

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Tumbler Quotes

Tumblr is basically one of the best places to be, it is the home to every fandom and to everyone who loves anything. It’s the epitome of craziness and no one can deny that and neither can they stop using it, no matter how much they try to.

However, this website is addicting and loved by so many people because of reasons and one of those reasons is the quotes that are just pure bliss. Some quote original and swoon-worthy, while others remind us of the great things said by great people and some are just plain hilarious. We decided to present you with 6 of these…

#1 This beauty that would make anyone swoon

#2 The one by Maya Angelou

#3 The one to help you through

#4  The one where someone summarized what being a college student is like…

#5 This James Potter Head-canon quote

#6 The one where someone just stated the truth 

Featured Image: http://symphony-in-silver.tumblr.com

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