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April 23, 2016

6 Popular Celebrities Engaged in the Church of Scientology

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Scientology: Tom Cruise

Created in 1954, in America by author L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is the name for a religious movement. It is a religious philosophy which, instead of imposing God or Scientologists, emphasizes more on personal experiences and awareness for spiritual upliftment. It is more spiritual than ritualistic. Hubbard said Scientology aims at: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war; where the world can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights.”

Let us look at the famous names associated with this Church-

#1 Tom Cruise

Our beloved star from Jerry Mcguire, Few Good Men, Mission Impossible and so many more, is also a scientologist. He has been frank about his devotion to this religious movement over the years. He was even vocal about debating with Matt Lauer on Scientology’s disagreement with psychiatric care.

Scientology: Tom Cruise


#2 John Travolta and Kelly Preston

The face of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and now in innumerable gif images, this superstar is a scientologist. Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston are both devoted to the Church of Scientology and were among the Church volunteers who went to provide for 2010 Haiti disaster aid.

Scientology: John Travolta and Kelly Preston


#3 Beck

He is the Rolling Stones musician who has been an active part of Church of Scientology throughout his life. His father too, practiced Scientology for good thirty years.

Scientology: Beck


#4 Jason Lee

This actor is also a part of Scientology. In fact this fact came out into public after the “My Name Is Earl” star’s wife listed his devotion to the Church as one of the reasons for her divorce with the actor in the year 2001.

Scientology: Jason Lee


#5 Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright is the actor who gave voice to one of the most favourite Simpson’s character- Bart Simpson. It breaks my heart to learn how she used Bart’s character to promote Scientology in 2009 by making unsolicited calls on behalf of the religion. Is that not something which changes Bart forever? Childhood gone all haywire, eh?

Scientology: Nancy Cartwright


#6 Will Smith

In 2008, the New York Daily reported that the actor was recruiting for the Church of Scientology and suspicion increased when he, along with his wife started to support a school which borrowed teachings from the religion. Though Smith admitted he is not a Scientologist but simply happens to hang out with many people who are. Media is still confused about his association, more so when he reportedly donated $ 125000 to the Church of Scientology.

Scientology: Will Smith


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