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December 1, 2016

6 Life-Saving Medical Breakthroughs of the Year

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Health is being an important part of our life now and it is extremely important for us to take proper care of it. But with an increase in pollution level, unhealthy lifestyle habits and other factors, our health is at greater risk than before. Zika, Ebola and Dengue are few diseases that took a lot of lives this year. Thanks to ongoing medical research, there has been some successful medical breakthroughs that are an absolute life-saver.

#6 Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia: Vaccine For Dengue

After 20 years of research and hard work the World Health Organization has finally come up with a vaccine that can prevent dengue. Dengue being commonly transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito is a serious threat to the world population, which at times even leads to the death of the people. Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia is the first vaccine which has been started. It’s calculated that if 20% of the population gets vaccinated then dengue cases can drop to 50% within 5 years.


#5 Amgen’s IMLYGIC: A Virus That Fights Cancer

Scientists have been trying hard since years to invent a medicine which can cure cancer. They have known this long ago that viruses have the ability to trigger the immune system to attack cancer but to modify it into something which can fight cancer without affecting the body resistance has taken years. In the late 2015, IMLYGIC became the first FDA approved viral cancer drug. The modified herpes virus is injected into a tumor where it may ignite an immune response to the cancer.


#4 Abbott’s Absorb: A Disappearing Cardiac Stent

Metal stents are small tubes that have the ability to unclog and heal blocked arteries; these are a mainstay in cardiac surgery. But there is a tendency for the plaque to rebuild around it since the metal stays around indefinitely. In case of Abbott’s Absorb it is a fully bio-absorable stent which does the same healing work but it dissolves when the work is done.


#3 Withing’s Thermo: A friendlier thermometer

The home oral thermometer used by us takes readings up to three minutes, but the new Withing’s Thermo takes reading within two seconds. Its 16 infrared sensors take more than 4000 readings without even touching the skin.


#2 MIT’s Rapid Zika Test: A low cost Zika Test

Zika is one of the biggest threats to the expectant mothers as it causes birth defects. Expectant mothers might not even know that they are infected. Conventional tests take a long time to diagnose and in some rural areas these kinds of test might not be even available. Researchers at MIT have created a paper based test that gets results within three hours. If a expectant mother is exposed to Zika the blood sample when put on the paper the yellow dots on the paper turns purple. Researchers further plan to try this test to diagnose diseases like malaria.

#1 Renatus’ Kovanaze Nasal Spray: Needle-Free Dentistry

We all know how much pain we feel when given anesthesia during tooth filling. But now that pain is over with Kovanaze’s Nasal spray. It does the same work as an injection does, just two squirts in the nostril on the side of the offending tooth will make the filling pain free.

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