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May 16, 2016

6 Jobs That Have Completely Gone Extinct

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Times change and with times, jobs change. Your grandparents might be telling you the various type of people hired for various types of jobs you never even thought existed. Here is a list of such jobs which did exist, but are completely extinct now.

#1 Bowling Alley Pinsetter
It was only in 1964 that the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF) invented automatic pinsetters. Ever wondered who used to set those bowling pins before that? They hired boys for that. It was a thankless job with a really horrible pay. But well, you don’t need regards when you’re in need of money. Later on, then the invention happened and the boys went jobless.

#2 Ice cutters
Yes, there was really a job like that. People had to cut the ice using a saw from lakes when they were frozen, in deadly conditions only for people to store it in their cellars and refrigerators. Thank god for technology, at least now these people don’t freeze to death.

#3 Food Safety Testers
Amazing as it sounds, this job could prove fatal to many. Broadly hired by the royal families, these food testers had to taste the food prepared for them to check if it’s poisonous or not before they consumed the meal themselves.

Also, there were official food tasters before food safety standards were created. They were hired to know whether there was anything harmful in the food. It was a risk they had to take for eating good food.

#4 Human Alarms
We should be thanking our stars for the invention of alarm clock. At least we can snooze it, or turn it off and go to sleep again. That wasn’t possible back in the days during the Industrial Revolution, factory owners didn’t want to risk the delay of their employees and hence, hired a set of alarms called knock ups who tapped at these employees’ windows with long stick or pea shooters until the woke up, Good God!

#5 Rat Catchers
Rat catching was a well paid job during the 1800s. Partially because it was a noble public service since it kept the diseases at bay. Who knew what trouble these rat catchers had to go through for it. Now that we have rat traps and pest controls, these catchers are not in need anymore and they lost their jobs. Such is life.

#6 Lectors at Factories
Let’s face it, working at a factory is boring as hell. You gotta keep working and working and you have no entertainment. To meet that need, there were people appointed for the job. Popularly known as lectors, they read news and literature passages out loud to the factory workers while they worked tediously. Poor lectors must be losing their voice every now and then. But they gotta do what they gotta do. And with advent of technology, these lectors were bid goodbye, and radios and podcasts were brought it.

Featured Image Source: http://rarehistoricalphotos.com

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