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September 13, 2016

6 Interesting Things You Try To Control But You Really Can’t

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We always try to control everything. Power is the utmost need for men. A man often tries to set boundaries to bestow rules and regulations upon things. While man tries to keep control of everything there are just a few things one can’t really control even though we strongly desire to.

#6 Nature

One cannot deny the fact; when nature is at its best it would offer you bountiful, and if you try to gain control or change its way you will face its wrath. Natural calamities are one of the effects of controlling the natural cycles, which we would never master even with the knowledge of the entire universe.


#5 Time

You know the old saying “Time and tide waits for no man”. Well missing the train just because of few seconds and then compromising your entire day trying to overcome the time lost for some extra sleep gives you the best and simple example you really can’t control it.


#4 Finance

You can’t control the urge of buying that extravagant dress or the sassy sports shoes, isn’t it? Well, even the smartest broker in the share market can’t actually predict or control the market for the day.


#3 Beliefs

People are given the freedom to choose and believe. And you cannot really control their beliefs even if you assert your own on them.


#2 Minds

While many Hollywood movies have come up with mind controlling gadgets, you can’t. With your views and opinions, you can influence them to some extent but not really change their minds.


#1 Feelings

You can predict one’s emotion but you really can’t control the way they feel. Your reactions to their feelings are the only thing you can control.


There are some things we cannot control and we have to accept that. While you cannot control the world you can surely control your action and choices.

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