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July 29, 2016

6 Funny Things Moms Say That We All Can Relate To

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funny things moms say

‘Maa’ is just the most wonderful person in our life. She is THE major part of your life. Mothers love and care for us and expect nothing in return. As someone has rightly said, a mother’s love is the most selfless love. Love you so much, mommy! While all of these are absolutely true, it’s inevitable that sometimes they really annoy us! It’s kind of a game we play with them – they know what irritates us and still mention it and we pretend to be unfazed. They are our mothers after all, they know what ticks us off! But the truth is that there isn’t any way we can imagine our lives without them. And on this note, continue reading this article because your mom must have said these things to you, irrespective of being a boy or a girl. Here are 6 funny things moms say that everyone of us can relate to :

#1 “Bohot thand lag rahi hai mujhe. Chal tu jaake sweater pehen!”

Well, its true that moms really care but sometimes we end up becoming the laughing stock due to the over care showered upon us. I’m sure many of you can relate to such an incident especially in your school days when our mothers controlled our dressing sense. When they feel a bit cold, it ends up in we having to don on multiple warm clothes, so many that at one point it’s difficult to move dressed up like an eskimo. We just prefer to roll around!

Funny Things mom say - Thand kitni hai aaj


#2 “Hum tumhaare umar ke the to space mei bhi ho aaye the.”

Lol, no mum! They definitely don’t say this but they sure do emphasize that it’s that important, like what we have achieved so far is nothing because we don’t know how to cook!
Funny Things moms say - marriage

#3 “Kisse baat karte rehte/rehti ho?”

All the teenagers out there, I know your struggles handling your phone and your mom. This particular phase remains one of the most funny things moms say if and when she catches us on our phone smiling at a text. God!! This is the reason why my phone is password protected all the time! Kudos to the one who invented a screen lock.

Funny Things moms say - phone


#4 “Sab kuch todh do, doosra bhi deti hu. Phir usse bhi mann na bhare toh poora ghar bhi tod dena.”

When you accidentally break a glass then even the Almighty can’t help you. You’ll hear things somewhat along the same lines as these. This one’s absolutely true and really funny things moms say in every house!

Funny Things moms say - kitchen


#5 “Ab toh badhaa ho gaya/gayi hai, ab toh dost hi sab kuch hain, ab mere haath ka khaana bhi acha nahi lagega!”

Indian mothers are always up for melodrama in matters relating to friends. When you decide to have dinner with your friends, just get ready for a full blown drama – You can just tell us that we are forbidden to have dinner outside home!

Funny Things moms say - fiends

#6 “XYZ k bacchon ko dekho, itni achi company mei job kar rahe hain, US se padh ke aaye hain, or tum bas Facebook ya Whatsapp pe lage raho. Mujhe hi bhagwan ne nikkame bache diye!”

The Ultimate taunt ever. The horrific woes of comparison with the peers is a nightmare that every kid faces from Indian mother specifically the neighbour’s kid.

Funny Things moms say - second place


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