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August 27, 2017

6 Films that Recycled Footage From Other Movies

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Cost-cutting is done in almost everything, from family budgets to handling the nation, and the film industry is no exception. The budgets for box-office level movies are considerably huge and when the cost just doesn’t cut it, directors tend to reuse footage from the past in very inconspicuous ways. Check out these huge, popular movies that recycled footage in order to save up on their resources.

#1 Star Wars

Reusing footage is common in sequels. This is done by using a shot from a previous film and slight changes and edits are done, and special effects are added. The scene of the Jedi council was repeated in two parts of the Star Wars series, and viewers could not make out the similarity without scrutiny.

#2 Transformers

Transformers 3 – Dark of the moon created great Box-Office hype, but left a few critics wagging fingers at director Michael Bay for recycling footage from his previous film ‘The Island’. Bay also recycled footage from his film ‘Pearl Harbour’ in the 2007 film ‘Transformers’.

#3 Resident Evil

Resident Evil used quite a few shots from its prequel, for instance, the scenes of an attack on the Japanese businessman, and the coursing of serum  through Alice’s veins.

#4 Bill and Ted

Bill and Ted reused certain footage from ‘War and Peace’. The movie was a hit and although the producers tried to explain reusing footage, it certainly looks like they were trying to save some big money.

#5 Hitman

Hitman’s production team decided to reuse footage from the TV series Dark Angel, also owned by FOX. This was a decision in order to save money. Although the plot-lines varied, certain characters were kept for the sake of variety in casting.

#6 Robin Hood

Disney is always known for its creativity, and their creative usage of footage from previous animations in order to make Robin Hood, must be given its credit. Although the animations were recycled, Robin Hood is indeed an enjoyable, memorable classic.

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